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Factory Supply Waste Oil/Used Cooking Oil

[Aug 01, 2014]

Unit Price: $500.0 - $600.0/ Ton   
Min. Order: 15 Tons   
Trade Terms: FOB, CFR, EXW, CIF, DDP, DAP

Series JZC waste engine Oil regeneration equipment is specially designed for regenerating the black engine oil and diesel oil. It can effectively remove the wear debris, asphalt, wax quality, impurities, ...

[Province:Hebei, China ]

 Gold Member

Def Grade Urea

[Aug 01, 2014]

Unit Price: US $400.0/ Box   
Min. Order: 1 Box   
Trade Terms: FOB

This product is designed for preparation of urea solution for automotive exhaust treatment, has the characteristics of high purity, solubility. Preparation of urea process is simple. Specifications ...

[Province:Gansu, China ]

 Gold Member

White Oil

[Jul 02, 2014]

Min. Order: 12 Tons   
Trade Terms: FOB, CIF

White oil, Mineral oil, Paraffin Oil, liquid paraffin oil. Paraffin white oil is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, fluorescence free, and clear oily liquid. Paraffin white oil is the white-colored oil ...

[Province:Jiangsu, China ]

Management Certification: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18000:2001

 Gold Member

PTA Production

[Jul 31, 2014]

Chemical Name: 1, 1, 2, 2- tetrabromoethane English Name: Sym-Tetrabromothanl Molecular formula: C2H2Br4 Molecular weight: 345.67 Colorless transparent oily liquid. Smells of camphor and iodoform. ...

[Province:Hubei, China ]

 Gold Member

 License Verified

Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous 97% Min

[Aug 02, 2014]

Unit Price: US $800.0/ Ton   
Min. Order: 25 Tons   
Trade Terms: FOB, CIF

Product name: Sodium Sulfite CAS: 7757-83-7 EINECS: 231-821-4 Molecular formula: Na2SO3 Molecular Weight: 126.04 Roperties: Sodium Sulfite is a reducing agent soluble in water. Its solution in ...

Wuhan Meilongda Chemical Co., Ltd.

[Province:Hubei, China ]

Used Cooking Oil (WF2)

[Jul 30, 2014]

Color: Yellow Processing type: Re-processing Packing: Flexitanks, 20-22mt in 20'fcl or liquid bag. Application: Suitable for refining biodiesel and animal consumption oil. Storage: The oil should be ...

Huizhou Biogas Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Biogas Equipment of Bucharest First Brand

[Jul 28, 2014]

1. High reliable2. Wide application3. Low maintenance cost4. Durable 1. Parameters: Biogas production: 15000 m3/d. Total volume of biogas digester: 12000m3 (8*1500m3) Power of generator: ...

SEAPS Oversea Sales Co., Ltd

[Province:Beijing, China ]

RO Membrane Sheet

[May 05, 2014]

Valid Width: ≥ 1000mm Sheet thickness: 150± 10um Flow Rate: 24GFD± 10% (40L/m2@h± 10%) Salt rejection: (99.45± 0.15)% Test condition: Raw water(NaCl): 1500ppm, pH: ...

Tianjin Tiangang Chemical Co., Limited

[Province:Tianjin, China ]

Waste Oil

[Aug 03, 2012]

Product Name: Used Cooking Oil Purity: 99% Color: Yellow Grade: Industry Grade Certification: CIQ Packing: 200 kg in steel drums 16 MT in 20'FCL Delivery Time: Within 10 days after payment ...

K & T Ltd

[Country/Region:Taiwan ]

Pet Bottle Scrap in Bales

[Jun 23, 2012]

We are the largest supplier of all kind of Scraps including Recycled ABS, PS, PP, HIPS, HDPE, LDPE Plastic Scrap. We offer Best Prices and Export Quality

Jewel Global Co., Ltd

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Aluminum Sulphate(Ferric and Non Ferric)

[Aug 02, 2014]

Aluminum Sulphate Specification: (Ferric) Aluminium oxide Al2O3 % min 16.00 Iron Fe content% max 0.50 Water insoluble matter % max 0.15 PH value 1% aqueous solution min 3.0 Heavy metals as Pb % ...

Shanghai Sungo Technology & Trade Co.,Ltd.

[Province:Shanghai, China ]

Aluminum Sulphate

[Mar 11, 2010]

Aluminum Sulphate

Zhengzhou Guangyang Environmental Protection Co., Ltd

[Province:Henan, China ]

High Quality Nonionic-Pam

[Jul 21, 2011]

Nonionic-polyacrylamide is homopolymer of acrylamide monomer, and is formed through pelleting drying and disintegrating, the appearance of the product is white fine granulesor powder-shaped solid, and the ...

Yuegang International Group Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

PU Foam Scrap

[Jun 05, 2012]

All new, clean, dry, come from bra factory, we also can make bales according your requiry.

Shanghai Shiwen Enterprise

[Province:Shanghai, China ]

Chaffing Oil Fuel

[Nov 15, 2011]

1. Long burning hours 2. Non flammable 3. Container stays cool 4. Does not evaporate 5. No storage or transport restriction Shanghai Shiwen is a leading supplier of restaurant catering ...

Shijiazhuang Hongming Imp & Exp Trade Co., Ltd

[Province:Hebei, China ]

EPS Block-Plastic Scraps

[Aug 29, 2011]

This is SHIJIAZHUANG HONGMING IMP &EXP TRADE Co., Ltd. And we also have a company in Germany: BLLT INTERNATIONAL TRADE GmbH. These two company cooperate for the same destination. Our mainly businese is ...

Tianjin Sunrise Products Inc.

[Province:Tianjin, China ]

Used Cooking Oil

[Jan 14, 2013]

Color: Yellow Processing Type: Re-Processing Packing: Flexitanks, 20-22mt in 20'FCL Application: Suitable for refining biodiesel and animal consumption oil. Storage: The oil should be stored in a ...

China Sasol Group Co., Limited

[Province:Tianjin, China ]


[Jun 03, 2014]

Packing: Felxitanks, 20-22mt in 20'fcl. Specification: PRODUCT NAME Used cooking Oil Free fatty acids 3%-5% M. I. U(Moisture and Impurities 0.15%max

Logyica Trading Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Recycling Plastic Waste

[Mar 30, 2008]

We are a U. K. Company and have supplies of most plastics for recycling, example see attached photo of mixed grade. We also have post production PVC rigid and soft, LDPE, PP, PET, film in stock. We ...

Liaocheng Rongsheng Import and Export Co., Ltd.

[Province:Shandong, China ]

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid TCCA

[Nov 16, 2011]

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Trichloro-s-triazinetrione Molecular formula: C3N3O3Cl3 CAS No: 87-90-1 Effective Cl 90%min Trichloroisocyanuric Acidtrichloro-s-triazinetrione Molecular formula: ...

Zl Petrochemicals Co., Ltd.

[Province:Shanghai, China ]

Cationic Polyacrylamide (CPAM)

[Jun 12, 2012]

Cationic polyacrylamide is a kind of soluble high molecular weight polymer or polyelectrolyte. Having several polar groups in the molecular chain, it can form bridge among particles by absorbing suspended ...

Hua Yun International Trade Co., Ltd.

[Province:Jiangsu, China ]

Polyaluminium Chloride 30% (PAC)

[Jul 27, 2010]

Analysis Certificate: Date: March. 15, 2007 Product Name: Polyaluminium Chloride 30% Packing: 25kg/Bag Quantity: 22 Mt Batch No.: 20070307 Item Indexes Result: Content Of Aluminum Oxide(Al2o3)% ...

KeyCorp Pty Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

PU Foam Scrap

[Sep 11, 2009]

Our product is absolutely dry, clean and without any others, and varies by the contents of below and so as the price. 1. Second hand foam 2. Mixed color 3. New/fresh foam 4. Foam skin 5. ...

Yueyi (China) Co., Ltd.

[Province:Shanghai, China ]

PU Scrap Foam (LXII)

[Jan 28, 2010]

As the manufacturer and exporter, we are available to supply PU foam scraps and various sponges which are made under very strict manufacturing process and quality control. No mixed materials, steel, ...

Bridge Group Trading International Co., Ltd.

[Province:Heilongjiang, China ]

Plastic Scraps (PET Flakes)

[Mar 12, 2006]

We are offering following products; Product: PET Bottles in Bales, PET Flake(Washed and Unwashed), PC Regrind, HDPE Regrind, ABS Regrind and others Quantity: Total up to 3,000MT/per month Price: ...

Tianjin Jiayi Xincheng Chemicals Co., Ltd.

[Province:Tianjin, China ]

Aluminium Sulphate

[May 09, 2011]

Aluminium Sulphate 15.8% Al2O3 %----------------------------------------------------- 15.8 Min Iron Fe content%-------------------------------------------- 0.50Max Water insoluble matter ...

Handan Ruibang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

[Province:Hebei, China ]

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid

[Jun 18, 2009]

Physical and Chemical Properties Chemical Name: Trichloro isocyanuric acid(TCCA) Specification: ZBG16009-89 Effective Chlorine Content90 Molecular Formula: C3O3N3Cl3 Properties: White ...

Beijing Round Sharp Plastic Produce Co.

[Province:Beijing, China ]

PE Granule

[Mar 31, 2009]

Regrown material Beijing Round Sharp Plastic Produce co. Is a skeleton crew of the Chinese Plastic Process and Modification Committee, mainly engaged in the processing of plastic and the chemical ...

Jinan Yuansheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

[Province:Shandong, China ]

Calcium Lignosulphonate

[May 27, 2010]

Our sodium lignosulphonate powder is the extract of papermaking process with wheat straw pulp. Which modification reaction and spray-drying concentrated formed. Product is light yellow (brown) free ...

Dongying Hi-Tech Spring Chemical Co., Ltd

[Province:Shandong, China ]

Diisopropyl Ether

[Aug 12, 2013]

Molecular formula: C6H14O Relative molecular weight: 102.18 CAS No.: 108-20-3 Class: 3 UN No.: 1159 Specification Item Index FIRST CLASS Appearance Clear, colorless liquid Color (PT-Co) 10 ...

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