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Lihua Industrial(Hk) Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Intel CPU Core I7 I7-870 SLBJG

[Feb 03, 2012]

General information Type CPU / Microprocessor Family Intel Core I7 Processor number I7-870 Part number BV80605001905AI BX80605I7870 BXC80605I7870 Frequency (GHz) 2.933 Clock multiplier 22 Package ...

Fujian Start Computer Equipment Co., Ltd.

[Province:Fujian, China ]

Thin Client Embedded With VIA C7-1G CPU (STAR WT-5040)

[Mar 31, 2012]

Model: STAR WT-5040 System: Windows CE, Windows XPE, Linux CPU: VIA C7 1G Memory: 512M (Expandable) Storage: 32M DOM (Expandable) E-thernet adaptor 1*10M/100M auto-adaptive (optional dual adaptors in ...

Sentonli Technology Co., Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Intel I5-4430

[Jul 09, 2014]

Intel i5-4430 3.0ghz 2mb l2 cache 6mb l3 cache 1150 socket Manufacturing Process: 22nm

Nanjing Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.

[Province:Jiangsu, China ]

CPU Holder

[Jun 23, 2009]

Space size Width: 18-30cm Hight: 38-51cm Weight rating of CPU box put on: 20kg AC supply mold for PC: Grading disconnection safeguard for computer(GDS) CPU Box AC outlet Number: 1 multiple type ...

Jie Fang Enterprise Company Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Core 2 Duo CPU - 2

[Feb 08, 2012]

Core 2 duo CPU second hand but looks new and with very good quality, the below table for your reference only. If you are interested in please be feel free to contact with me!

N.L.C Technology (HK) Company Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]


[Aug 09, 2010]

Best selling CPU QAJF Q9200 1. Type: CPU/Microprocessor 2. Family: Intel Core 2 QUAD MOBILE 3. Processor number: Q9200 4. Frequency(MHz): 2.4 5. Bus speed(MHz): 1066 6. Clock multiplier: 9 7. ...

SD-Omega (Hk) Co., Ltd.

[Country/Region:Hong Kong ]

Computer Processor (07)

[Nov 02, 2011]

We are factory of mini PC and car PC. We also have CPU in stock. Part Number SLGFD SLGFE SLBCK SLAPL SLAP4 SL9RR SLANP SLANQ SLGEL SLAWM SL86L SLAQH SL9VP SL7PD SL7pH SL8P7 SLAZR SLA8X SL8Q7 SLBCJ ...

Cooleasy Electronics Co. Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

CPU Cooler for Intel P4 775 3.4E

[Oct 10, 2005]

Rotate Speed: 2600+-10% Bearing: one ball one sleeve Max Airflow: 30.66CFM Rated Current: 0.18A Rated Voltage: 12VDC Noise: 27.6dB Rated Power: 2.16W Fan Size: 80*80*25mm(Led) Heatsink Size: ...

Shanghai Deling Electric Co., Ltd

[Province:Shanghai, China ]

Intel I7-4771 3.5 3 LGA 1150 Processor (BX80646I74771)

[Apr 26, 2014]

Model: Intel Core I7-4771 Processor Core Count: 4 Clock Speed: 3.5 GHz Max Turbo Frequency: 3.9 GHz Cache: 8 MB Processor Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 Socket: LGA 1150

Pingli Computer(SZ) Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

CPU (Q6700)

[Jul 25, 2008]

We supply plenty of CPU, Stock-whole sales. NOTE: For big quantity order, please contact us to get the latest and best price. The price and quanlity are satisfied with you! Items below: Intel ...

Showtech International(Hk)Co., Ltd

[Province:Guangdong, China ]


[Jul 18, 2011]

ETRAX 100 LX 32-Bit RISC CPU ASIS Brand.

Iwill Company Limited (Hong Kong)

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Intel Xeon Sever CPU E5640 Slbvc (2.66G 12M 5.86GT/sec LGA1366, 32NM CPU)

[Aug 29, 2011]

Thanks for your visiting! We hope you enjoyed your transaction with us. We would also like to invite you to come see our Promotion Items with Huge Discount! Item Location and Tax: This item is ...

Nextron Components Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Intel CPU

[Jul 17, 2013]

CPU Intel Xeon/Celeron/ Core 2 Duo/Pentium Processor/and AMD Athlon/ Sempron, etc.

SD-Omega Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

CPU (4)

[Aug 04, 2011]

E2140 E2160 E2180 E2200 E2210 E2220 E5200 E5300 E5400 E6300

Xuelin Computer Technology Co.,Ltd

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

CPU (Core 2 Duo)

[Mar 15, 2011]

Used or new CPU stock whole sales: Anyway, some general guidelines: - Get a 65nm (or lower, though 45nm parts are not yet available) technology based CPU, since the smaller the manufacturing tech, the ...

Atree Technology Limited

[Country/Region:Hong Kong ]

Refurbished Intel CPUs

[Jan 06, 2010]

Intel CPUs Celeron 4 1.7GHz -2.0GHz FSB 400MHz 128KB Cache Socket 478 And we also have Pentium 4 & Pentium D CPUs (LGA775)

Shenzhen Xinhaoxiang Technology Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Intel Xeon CPU E3-1235

[Jul 22, 2014]

3.2GHZ 4C/8T L3 8MB SdyB 32nm LGA1155 95W

Advanced Chip Technologies Co., Ltd. (Act)

[Province:Zhejiang, China ]

Chinachipmonthly Report

[Apr 23, 2014]

ChinaChipMonthly (CCM) report is dedicated to international IC/VLSI/chip communities who want to have a first hand research and analysis about the Chinese chip industry and market on timely basis. This ...

Shenzhen Junyang Technology Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

CPU Heatsink

[Aug 09, 2011]

1. Materials: Aluinum 2. Machining processes including extrusion 3. Though ISO9001 certification, with reliable quality assurance 4. We provide OEM service, including designing mold and producing ...

Shenzhen Genfaith Industry Co., Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]


[Sep 07, 2012]

Processor Number: E8400 # of Cores: 2 # of Threads: 2 Clock Speed: 2.26 L2 Cache: 3MB Bus/Core Ratio: 8.5 FSB Speed: 1333 MHz Instruction Set: 64-bit Embedded Options Available: Yes Lithography: ...

Verthon Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]


[Nov 17, 2011]

We offer used CPU(processor) from P3 to LGA. We focus on the P4 478 Socket CPU(Processor). Of course we will full test the CPU(processor) one by one before shipment. The MOQ for first trial order is 30 ...

Union Best Industrial Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

CPU Cooler - AW0712MB-D76(TS)C68

[Dec 08, 2005]

Specification Ordering Number: AW0712MB-D76(TS)C68 FAN: AD0712MB-D76(TS) Dimensions(mm): 70x70x15 Operation Voltage: 12. 0VDC Rated Current: 0. 18AMP +-10%MAX Bearing Type: One Ball ...

Liping Computers Industrial Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

AMD CPU Athlon 64 3000+ Socket 939 Pins $48

[Dec 08, 2007]

Stock whole -sales AMD CPU Socket 939 pins series AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (ADA3000BPBOX) Processor: Athlon™ 64 Model Number: 3000+ Frequency: 1800MHz L2 Cache Size: 512KB Socket: 939 ...

C & J Technology Limited

[Country/Region:Hong Kong ]

Desktop CPU

[Sep 01, 2010]

Desktop CPU Celeron Celeron Dual Core Pentium Dual Core Pentium E Series Core 2 Duo MOQ: 315PCS Stock Hong Kong T/T in advance Ship to world-wide Any inquiry contact us, Thanks.

Goldon Elec. Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]


[Jan 13, 2006]

Type CPU Part number AXMS2100GXS4C Introduction date 17-Mar-04 Processor core Barton Manufacturing process 0.13 micron Package microPGA Speed (MHz) 2100 (rated) / 1600 (real) Bus frequency ...

Red Signal Computer Co., Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

CPU (D347)

[Aug 23, 2010]

Celeron CPU 1 Celeron D331 (2.66GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm) 2 Celeron D336 (2.8GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm) 3 Celeron D346 (3.06GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm) 4 Celeron D347 (3.06GHz, ...

SD-Omega (Hk) Co., Ltd.

[Country/Region:Hong Kong ]

Mobile CPU (10)

[Nov 02, 2011]

We are factory of mini PC and car PC. We also have CPU in stock. Part Number SLGFD SLGFE SLBCK SLAPL SLAP4 SL9RR SLANP SLANQ SLGEL SLAWM SL86L SLAQH SL9VP SL7PD SL7pH SL8P7 SLAZR SLA8X SL8Q7 SLBCJ ...

Cooleasy Electronics Co. Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

CPU Cooler for Intel P4-478 2.8GHZ

[Oct 10, 2005]

Rotate Speed: 3200+-10%RPM Bearing: One Ball One Sleeve Air Flow: 23.5CFM Rated Current: 0.18A Rated Voltage: 12VDC Noise: 28.5dB Rated Power: 3W Fan Size: 70*70*15mm Heatsink Size: ...

Samtech Import & Export Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Intel Pentium D Dual Core Desktop CPU

[Apr 09, 2014]

Used Intel pentium d CPU 915 2.08GHz 1MB LGA775 Celeron CPU 1 Celeron D331 (2.66GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm) 2 Celeron D336 (2.8GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm) 3 Celeron D346 (3.06GHz, 256KB, ...

Mcpoint Company Limited

[Country/Region:Hong Kong ]

Intel I3470 CPU

[Jul 05, 2012]

Type CPU / Microprocessor Market segment Desktop Family Intel Core I5 Model number I5-3470 CPU part numbers CM8063701093302 is an OEM/tray microprocessor BX80637I53470 is a boxed microprocessor ...

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