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Neway Technolgy Co., Ltd

[Province:Guangdong, China ]


[Dec 06, 2007]

Core S / N: G73 @0.09um Chipset: NVIDIA GeForceFX7600GS Nvidia SLI, HDTV supported Video Output: 1xVGA, TV-OUT, 1xDVI-I Pipeline / Vertex shader: 12 / 5 3D API: DirectX 9.0C RAMDAC: 2x400MHz, ...

Fony Industrial Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Ati Graphics Card HD6570 1GB DDR3 DDR5

[Jul 30, 2012]

Wholesale graphics video card HD6570 1GB DDR3 DDR5: 1. ODM factory: Leadtek, Biostar, 2. High quality as brand card

Genfaith International Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

216-0772000 AMD Computer Parts

[Jun 28, 2013]

216-0772000 AMD computer parts, computer mainboard parts Mother board chip, IC chip for notebook New parts, Computer chips, video chips, mass stock, Fast delivery Mother board chip, IC chip for notebook ...

Roteck International Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

ATI Graphic Card (VGA) (Radeon HD4850)

[Nov 28, 2011]

ATI radeon HD4850 PCI-E Memory clock: 2000MHZ CORE clock: 625MHZ Memory size: 512MB /256BIT (1.0NS) DUAL DVI + TV

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Gt610 2g 64bit DDR3 Nvidia Card

[Apr 18, 2014]

Min. Order: 100 Pieces   

GT610 2G 64BIT DDR3 Nvidia card Out Port: HDMI/DVI/VGA Memory: 2G TYPE: GDDR3 BIT: 64bit SZ DJS OEM VIDEO CARD

Keda Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Graphic Card (GT430 512MB/1GB)

[Mar 27, 2012]

Product Name: GT430 512MB/1GB GPU: GT430 Memory: 512MB/1024 MB GDDR5 Memory bus width: 128 bits Bus: PCI-Express 2.0 Connectivity: HDMI + DVI + VGA

Sunny Century Technology Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Ati HD5450 1GB/2GB DDR3 PCIE VGA Card

[Oct 09, 2011]

Product Name: Radeon ® HD5450 2G/1G/512M DDR3 GPU: AMD Radeon ® HD5450 GPU Clockspeed: 650MHz Memory: 2G/1G/512 DDR3 Memory BITS: 64bits StreamProcessor(SP): 80 Memory Speed: 800MHz Memory ...

Shanghai Cunhai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

[Province:Shanghai, China ]

Evga Geforce Gtx770 Superclocked with Evga Acx Cooler, 2GB Gddr5 256bit, Dl DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI, Dp, ...

[Feb 08, 2014]

EVGA GeForce GTX770 SuperClocked with EVGA ACX Cooler, 2GB GDDR5 256bit, DL DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI, DP, SLI Ready Graphics Cards Base Clock: 1111 MHz Boost Clock: 1163 MHz Memory Clock: 7010 MHz Effective ...

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

4096MB Gddr5 Display Card 28nm 6008MHz Displayport

[Apr 18, 2014]

Min. Order: 1 Pieces   
Trade Terms: FOB

4096MB GDDR5 display card 28nm 6008MHz DisplayPort Detailed parameters Important parameters Chip manufacturers: NVIDIA Memory capacity: 4096 MB GDDR5 Video memory a wide: 256 bit Core frequency: 1006 ...

Pingli Computer(SZ) Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Graphic Card (WinFast PX8600 GT)

[Jul 25, 2008]

WinFast PX8600 GT Highlight The use of all solid aluminum capacitors allow the graphics card to work impressively even during overclocking and without the worry of problems such as electrolyte ...

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Gt630 2g 128bit DDR3 Video Card

[Apr 18, 2014]

Min. Order: 100 Pieces   

GT630 2G 128BIT DDR3 video card Out Port: HDMI/DVI/VGA Memory: 2G TYPE: GDDR3 BIT: 128bit SZ DJS OEM VIDEO CARD

Topway Technology Co.,Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Ati Graphics Cards (X38PR-EN-1GM-A)

[May 23, 2008]

Chipset: ATI Radeon HD 3850 System Interface: PCI-Express2.0 CLK/MLK: 670MHz/1400 MHz Memory Size: DDR3 1024MB / 256-bit RAMDAC: 400MHz Connector: HDTV, dual DVI-I DVI HDCP HDMI Main Features ...

Axle International Holding Limited

[Country/Region:Hong Kong ]

Axle Graphic Card GT520 1GB DDR3 64bit

[Mar 23, 2012]

Axle's brand new GeForce GT520 brings you impressive Graphic processing power with amazing high-definition Video playback capabilities at the affordable price level. Hardware Blu-ray decoding ...

Le Mans Technology (China) Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Nvidia VGA Card Geforce FX6200A

[Jun 28, 2007]

Product information: Chipset Type: Nvidia GeForce 6200A Memory Capacity: 128M Memory Type: DDR Graphics Bus Technology: AGP 8X Memory Interface: 64bit Video Output Function: 1*VGA 1*TV-OUT 1*DVI ...

Shenzhen Hard-Tech Electron Co.,Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Graphics Card 9500gt 1024MB DDR2 PCI E

[Sep 04, 2010]

VGA card, PCI VGA CARD, VIDEO CARD GF9500GT 1024MB DDR2 128 BIT PCI-E Bus interface: PCI EXPRESS Display support: DVI+VGA+HDMI Scalable link architechture ready. Built for Windows or Vista, ...

Etop Electronic Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

9300GS 256m/512m DDR2 VGA Cards

[May 03, 2013]

9300GS 512m/256m PCI-e 2.0 C'clock 550MHz M'clock 533MHz Dvi/HDTV/hdcp output Memory: DDR2

AXLE International Holding Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

1GB DDR5 Graphic Card (GTX560TI)

[Aug 06, 2012]

- NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX560Ti GPU - 384 Stream Processors - 1GB DDR5 - 256-bit memory bus - Core Clock: 822 MHz - Memory Clock: 4008MHz - PCI-Express 2.0 (compatible with 1.1) Discover the ...

Chang Hua Industrial Co., Limited

[Country/Region:Taiwan ]

Evga Geforce Gtx Titan Hydro Copper Signature Graphics Card

[Dec 12, 2013]

We sell all EVGA, PNY, XFX, MSI, AMD Graphics Card. Free customs clearance. Free door to door shipping. Big discount for sale. Fast delivery. EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN Hydro Copper Signature ...

Xloem It(Hk) Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Graphic Card (VGA) (nVIDIA 8800 Ultra)

[Mar 08, 2011]

GPU NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra GPU/Memory Clock 650/2600 MHz Memory Size 320MB/768MB GDDR3 Memory Interface 256bit Graphic Bus PCI-Express RAMDACs 400MHz Stream Processors 128 DirectX Support ...

Shenzhen Hongsun Technology Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Ati Radeon HD5450 2GB DDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI Low Profile PCI (not PCI-E) Video Card

[Apr 02, 2014]

ATI Radeon HD5450 2GB DDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI Low Profile PCI (not PCI-Express) Video Card Specifications Chipset: Radeon HD5450 Video Memory: 2GB DDR3 Engine Clock: 650 MHz Memory Clock: 1330 MHz Memory ...

Shenzhen South Shitong Electronic Co., Ltd

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Video Card GTX285 1GB 512Bit DDR3

[Dec 03, 2010]

NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX285 Core clock: 648MHz Memory clock: 2400MHz Memory: 1GB Memory type: GDDR3 Memory interface: 512bit DVI+DVI+HDTV Microsoft® DirectX® 10 PCI-Express x 16 2.0

Value PC Computer Technology Limited

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

G86-750-A2 G84M G86 Icbga Chipset

[Dec 07, 2011]

MODEL: NVIDIA G86-750-A2 G84M G86 ICBGA Chipset NEW Condition: Brand new Warranty: 3months (From day of purchase) We have tens of hundreds of chipsets in stock, anyone who are interested in this ...

ID Korea,Inc

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

VGA Card (GeForce 6600 Silent)

[Sep 19, 2007]

"IDION"Features Chipset: GeForce 6600 Memory: 256MB Memory Interface: 128bit Bus type: PCI Express 16x Core Clock: 300MHZ Memory Clock: 250(500)MHZ Pixels per Clock(peak ): 8 RAMDACs: ...

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Display Card 4096MB Gddr3 40nm128bit 810MHz

[Apr 16, 2014]

Min. Order: 1 Pieces   
Trade Terms: FOB

Cheap Display Card 4096MB GDDR3 40nm128bit 810MHz Chip manufacturers: NVIDIA Memory capacity: 4096 MB GDDR3 Video memory a wide: 128 bit Core frequency: 810 MHz Video memory frequency: 1333 MHz ...

Shenzhen Hengjinde Technology Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Video Card 9600GT( 512M 128bit DDR3)

[Jul 23, 2010]

Chip Model: Nvidia GeForce 9400GT Gpu interface standard: Support express 2.0 Connector: 1*DVI-I, 1*CRT Memory capacity: 512M Memory type: DDRIII Memory width: 128 bit Core frequency: 550MHz ...

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

High Performance Gt440 2048m Video Card

[Apr 18, 2014]

Min. Order: 100 Pieces   

High Performance GT440 2048M video card Out Port: HDMI/DVI/VGA Memory: 2GB TYPE: DDR3 BIT: 128bit SZ DJS OEM VIDEO CARD

Trend Manufacturing & Marketing Co., Ltd

[Country/Region:Hong Kong ]

nVIDIA GeForce 210 512 MB Video Graphic Card (ETGF210512)

[Nov 02, 2009]

Brand: OEM NON BRAND Model No.: ETGF210512 Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA GPU: GeForce 210 Core Clock: 589 MHz Memory Memory Clock: 450 MHz Memory Size: 512 MB Memory Interface: 64 bit Memory ...

Neway Technolgy Co., Ltd

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT PCI-E (NW-85GT)

[Dec 06, 2007]

We have set up localized operation centers around the world, such as mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan area. All our products are compliant with the international standards in ISO 9002-certified ...

Triplex Electornic Co.,Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Ati Radeon HD 3850

[Nov 26, 2007]

ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series Overview Experience the power of HD Experience the power of HD with the ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series of GPUs - graphics processing designed for how you work and play. ...

Keda Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Province:Guangdong, China ]

Graphic Card (GT440 1GB/2GB)

[Mar 27, 2012]

Product Name: GT440 1GB/2GB GPU: GT440 Memory: 1024 MB/2048MB SDDR3 Memory bus width: 128 bits Bus: PCI-Express 2.0 Connectivity: HDMI + DVI + VGA

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