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Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

Trade Info

HS Code:  8479820090
Export Markets:  Global

Basic Info.

Export Markets:  Global

Additional Info.

HS Code:  8479820090
Company: Shanghai Kingdak Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

Product Description

MS200 Magnetic Stirrer
MS200 magnetic stirrer is designed in high performance
Digital circuit and CPU.

Digital Speed Control:
The stirrer is press-key designed to adjust speed, which
Prevent the stirring bar from stopping. The indicator
Display the stirrer's motor speed.
What's included: Stir bar

Model: MS200
Maximum Stirring Volume: 0~2000mL
Stirring Speed Range: 0~1250RPM
Top Plate Size: 135mm× 135mm
Panel Material: Steel
Timer: 999 minutes
Stir Bar's Dimensions: 30(L)× Dia. 7mm
Power Requirements: 220VAC/50Hz
Dimensions: 230(L)mm× 180(W)mm× 120(H)mm
Weight: 2.7kg

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

MS series Hot plate magnetic stirrers have heating, stirring
And time selecting functions.

Model: MS300
Maximum Stirring Capacity: 0~2000mL
Stirring Speed Range: 0~1250RPM
Surface Size: 135mm× 135mm
Surface material: Stainless steel
Heating Temperature Range: RT~300º C/400º C
Heat Control Accuracy: 1º C when<100º C
3º C when>100º C
Time Range: 0~99minutes
Power: 220V/50Hz
Dimensions: 230(L)× 180(W)× 120(H)mm
Weight: 2.7kg

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