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Epson Cartridge (SO50087 & SO50010)

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  • Standard: ISO9001
Product Description

We are an ISO9001 certified company. We are a leading manufacturer of ink cartridge and toner cartridge in China. Our products are as follows:
HP C3900A, HP C3903A, HP C3906F, HP C3909A, HP C4092A, HP C4096A, HP C4127X, HP C4129X, HP C4182X, HP 7115A, HP 8061X, HP 92274A, HP 92298A, HP Q1338A, HP Q1339A, HP Q2610A, HP Q2612A, HP Q2613A, HP Q2624A, HP Q2624A, HP C8543X, HP C4191A, HP C4192A, HP C4193A, HP C4194A, HP C4195A, HP Q5949A, HP Q5942A, HP Q5945A, HP C9700A, HP C9701A, HP C9702A, HP C9703A, HP C9704A, HP C9720A, HP C9721A, HP C9722A, HP C9723A, HP C9730A, HP C9731A, HP C9732A, HP C9733A, HP Q2670A, HP Q2671A, HP Q2672A, HP Q2673A, HP Q2680A, HP Q2681A, HP Q2682A, HP Q2683A, HP Q3960A, HP Q3961A, HP Q3962A, HP Q3963A, HP Q6000A, HP Q6001A, HP Q6002A, HP Q6003A
Canon FX-3, FX-4, EP-22, E16, E40, E30
Lenovo LT0112B, LD0112A, LT0225A, LD0225A, LT0310, LD0310, TC-310, DC-310, LJ880, LD1055, LD0116, LT0617, LD0617, DC-200G, TN-200G, LJ-1800
Epson SO50010, SO50005, SO50087, SO50097, SO50098, SO50099, SO50100, SO51055, S050167, S051069, S051079, S051077, SO50020, SO50033, SO50034, SO50035, SO50036, SO50187, SO50188, SO50189, SO50190
SAMSUNG ML-1210D3, ML-4500D3, SF-5100D3, SF-5200D6, SF-5800, SF-1650, ML-1510, ML-1710, SF-5310, SF-555, SCX-4100
Xerox P8E, 113R00455, 4508, 113R00265, 210, CT113R218, 3110, 109R00639, P3400, 106R00462, Xerox 3130, 3115, 109R00725
(PANASONIC) FO-2600, FO-26DC, FO-26DR, 3350, UG-3350, 3313, UG-3313, KX-83E, Panosonic 513/553, 503, KX-FA76A
Brother 2880, TN-8050, DR-8050, 1870, 1850, TN-7350, TN-7600, TN-7650,
DR-7000, DR-7050, TN-6350, TN-6650, Brother FAX-8370, DR-6050
Lexmark E210, 10S0150, E310, 13T0301, W 812, 14K0050, X215, 18S0090
BCI-3 BK, BCI-3 C, BCI-3 M, BCI-3 Y, BCI-3 PBK, BCI-3 PC, BCI-3 PM, BCI-5BK, BCI-5C, BCI-5M, BCI-5Y, BCI-5PC, BCI-5PM, BCI-6BK, BCI-6C, BCI-6M, BCI-6Y, BCI-6PC, BCI-6PM, BC-02, BC-03, BC-05, BC-06, BC-20, BX-2, BX-3
EPSON S020093, S020097, S020108, S020089, S020110, S020138, S020187, S020189, S020191, S020193, T001, T003, T005, T007, T008, T009, T013, T014, T015, T016, T017, T018, T019, T020, T026, T027, T028, T029,
T036, T037, T038, T039, T040, T041, T0321, T0322, T0323, T0324, T0422, T0423, T0424, T0461, T0472, T0473, T0474, T0441, T0442, T0443, T0444, T0452, T0453, T0454, T0481, T0482, T0483, T0484, T0485, T0486, T0491, T0492, T0493, T0494, T0495, T0496, T057, T058, T0540, T0541, T0542, T0543, T0544, T0545, T0546, T0547, T0548, T0549, T0611, T0612, T0613, T0614, T0601, T0602, T0603, T0604, U0631, T0632, T0633, T0634
XEROX 12728, 8R7660, 8R7661, 8R7662, 8R7663, 8R7971, 8R7973, 8R7974, 8R7994
BROTHER LC21BK, LC21C, LC21M, LC21Y, LC25BK, LC25C, LC25M, LC25Y, LC31BK, LC31C, LC31M, LC31Y, LC41BK, LC41C, LC41M, LC41Y, LC47BK, LC47C, LC47M, LC47Y, LC50BK, LC50C, LC50M, LC50Y, LC600BK, LC600C, LC600M, LC600Y, LC700BK, LC700C, LC700M, LC700Y, LC800BK, LC800C, LC800M, LC800Y, LC900BK, LC900C, LC900M, LC900Y
HP 51625A, HP 51626A, HP 51629A, HP 51645A, HP 51649A, HP 6578D, HP 6614A,
HP 6615A, HP 6625A, HP 1823D, HP 6656A, HP 6657A, HP 6658A, HP 8727A, HP 8728A, HP 8816, HP 8817, HP 51633, HP 6628, HP C4836A, HP C4837A, HP C4838A, HP C4840A, HP C4841A, HP C4842A, HP C4843A, HP C4844A, HP C4911A, HP C4912A, HP C4913A, HP C5010D, HP C5011D, HP C5016A, HP C5017A, HP C5018A, HP C9359A, HP C8765Z, HP 852, HP 94, HP C8767Z, HP 853, HP 96, HP C8766Z, HP 855, HP 95, HP C8763Z, HP 857, HP C9369Z, HP 858, HP 99, HP C4804A, HP C4805A, HP C4806A, HP C4814A, HP C4815A, HP C4816A, HP C4817A, HP C9425A, HP C9426A, HP C9427A, HP C9428A, HP C9429A, HP C8767H, HP 130, HP C8765H, HP 131, HP C9362H, HP 132, HP C9363H, HP 134, HP C8766H, HP 135, HP C9361H, HP 136, HP C9369H, HP 138
LEXMREK 10N0016, 10N0026, 10N0217, 10N0227, 12A1145, 12A1970, 12A1980, 17G0050, 17G0060, 15M0120, 1380620, 1380619, 13400HC, 13619HC, 18L0032, 18L0042, 18C0032, 18C0033

Shanghai Belonger Electronics Co., Ltd.
Shanghai, China
Local Time: 23:50 Sat Dec 20
Account Registered in: 2002
Business Type: Manufacturer

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