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The Key Intermediates For Steroid Hormones

The Key Intermediates For Steroid Hormones

The Key Intermediates For Steroid Hormones

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Company: Shanghai Yuneng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Product Description

Yuneng Pharmchem Co., Ltd. Specialize in manufacturing advanced pharmaceutical raw materials (mainly Steroid hormones API) and its intermediates for the oversea market,
Key intermediates

Products C. A. S. No Application
4-androstenedione/4-AD 63-05-8
1, 4-androstadiendione/4-ADD 897-06-3
11-alpha-hydroxy-1, 4-androstadiendione/11OH-ADD
11alpha-Hydroxy-15, 16-Epoxyprogesterone 19427-36-2
11alpha-Hydroxy-15, 16-Epoxypregn-1, 4-dien-3, 20-dione
11alpha-Hydroxy-17alpha-Hydroxy progesterone
11alpha-Hydroxy Progesterone 80-75-1 MSDS
11alpha-Hydroxy Canrenone
15alpha-Hydroxy Canrenone
15alpha-Hydroxy-18-methyl-4-Estren-3, 17-Dione
11alpha-Hydroxy-18-methyl-4-Estren-3, 17-Dione
16alpha-Hydroxy Prednisolone-21-Acetate Budesonide & desonide
16alpha-Hydroxy Prednisolone budesonide

Pregna-1, 4, 16-triene-11, 21-dihydroxy-3, 20-dione-21-Acetate budesonide
Pregna-1, 4, 9(11)-triene-16(17)-tetraene-21-hydroxy-3, 20-dione-21-Acetate
Pregna-1, 4, 9(11)-triene-16, 17, 21-trihydroxy-3, 20-dione-21-Acetate
6alpha-Methylhydrocortisone Methylpredni-solone
17A, 21-Dihydroxy-9β, 11β-epoxy-16A-methylpregn-1, 4-diene-3, 20-dione 24916-90-3 8DM
17A, 21-Dihydroxy-9β, 11β, epoxy-16β-methylpregn-1, 4-diene-3, 20-dione 17839-61-1 dB11
Pregna-1, 4, 9(11)16-tetraene-3, 20- dione 5-ST
Pregna-1, 4, 16-triene-11b-Hydroxy-3, 20-dione-21-Acetate
21-Hydroxypregna-1, 4, 9(11), 16-tetraene-3, 20-dione-21-acetate
6alpha-Fluoro-17A, 21-Dihydroxy-9β, 11β-epoxy-16A-methylpregn-1, 4-diene-3, 20-dione 6alpha-Fluoro -8DM

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