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Beijing Natural Products Co. Of Implad
Herb, Seed, Chinese Traditional Medicine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Chinese Herb Seeds,Flax Seed,Cordyceps Sinensis and so on.
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Alisma Rhizome   Rhizoma Alismatis   Ze Xie
American Ginseng Radix  Panacis quinquefolium   Xi Yang Shen
Amomum  Fructus Amomi   Sha Ren
Angelica Dang Gui Radix  Angelica sinensis   Dang Gui
Angelica Radix Angelica duhuo   Du Huo
Artemisia Ai Ye Folium   Artemisia argyii   Ai Ye
Astragalus Radix   Astragali   Huang Qi
Atractylodes Rhizome   Rhizoma Atractylodes macro. Bai Zhu
Biota Seed  Semen Biotae Bai Zi Ren

Bupleurum Radix   Bupleuri   Chai Hu
Chrysanthemum Flower Flos Chrysanthemi morifolii Ju Hua
Cimicifuga Rhizome   Rhizoma Cimicifugae   Sheng Ma
Codonopsis Radix   Codonopsis pilosulae   Dang Shen
Coix Seed   Semen Coicis lachryma jobi Yi Yi Ren
Coptis Rhizoma   Coptides   Huang Lian
Cornus t   Fructus Corni Shan   Zhu Yu
Dioscorea Radix   Dioscoreae oppositae   Shan Yao
Ephedra Leaf   Herba Ephedra   Ma Huang
Eucommia Cortex   Eucommiae   Du Zhong
Forsythia Fruit   Fructus Forsythiae   Lian Qiao
Ganoderma Fungus   Ganoderma lucida Ling Zhi

Gastrodia Rhizome   Rhizoma Gastrodiae   Tian Ma
Gentiana Root Radix Gentiana  Gentiana seabrae   Long Dan Cao
Ginger Rhizome Rhizoma   Zingiberis   Gan Jiang
Ginseng Radix   Panax ginseng   Renshen
Licorice Radix   Glycyrrhizae   Gan Cao
Ligusticum Rhizome Rhizoma   Ligustici wallachii   Chuan Xiong
Lonicera Flower   Flos Lonicera japonica   Jin Yin Hua
Lycium Fruit   Fructus Lycii   Gou Qi Zi
Magnolia Bark Cortex  Magnoliae   Hou Po
Mentha Herb   Herba Menthae   Bo He
Paeonia Chi Shao red Radix   Paeonia rubra   Chi Shao
Paeonia Root white Radix  Paeonia alba   Bai Shao

Pinellia Rhizome   Rhizoma Pinelliae Ban Xia
Polygala Radix   Polygalae   Yuan Zhi
Polygonatum Rhizome   Rhizoma Polygonati   Huang Jing
Polygonum Shou Wu Radix  Polygoni multiflori   Ho Shou Wu
Polyporus Fungus   Polyporus Grifolia umbellata Zhu Ling
Poria Fungus Pachyma   Poria cocos   Fu Ling
Pseudoginseng Root Radix Pseudoginseng  San Qi / Tien Qi
Pueraria Root   Padix Puerariae   Ge Gen

Rhubarb Rhizome   Rhizoma Rhei   Da Huang
Salvia Root   Radix Salvia multiorrhiza   Dan Shen
Schizandra Fructus   Schizandrae   Wu Wei Zi
Rehmannia Root   Radix Rehmannia glutinosa   Di Huang
Scutellaria Root   Radix Scutellariae   Huang Qin
Siler Root   Radix Sileris  Fang Feng
Taraxacum Herb   Herba Taraxaci cum Radicis   PU Gong Ying

If you want to buy other Chinese herbs seeds, We can look for you.
Beijing Natural Products Co. Of Implad
Beijing, China
Local Time: 18:44 Thu Feb 11
Account Registered in: 2007
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company

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