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Composite Bulletproof Helmet (JFKDK-01)

Composite Bulletproof Helmet (JFKDK-01)

Composite Bulletproof Helmet (JFKDK-01)
Composite Bulletproof Helmet (JFKDK-01)

Trade Info

Production Capacity:  4000 pcs/m
Model NO.:  JFKDK-01

Basic Info.

Model NO.:  JFKDK-01

Additional Info.

Production Capacity:  4000 pcs/m
Company: Liaoning Xinhan Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.

Product Description

1. It is made with multiple layers of ballistic composite material of light weight - total weight of helmet not to exceed 1.5 kg.

2. It is designed a low center of gravity and a configuration which extends protection to the neck and ear areas. Its protection area is 1250 square meters.

3. It has a cradle type suspension system that is offset from the head to provide space for deformation caused by projectiles and allow for increased ventilation.

4. Its shell is configured with multiple layers of ballistic composite material throughout any cross-sectional area of the helmet. It is rainproof, fireproof, anticorrosion, acid-resistant and long useful life. It can resist the radiation in the infrared too.

5. It includes an adjustable and replacement headband to fit the range given below with a comfortable chin strap assembly with chin cup and single snap fastener.

6. We have test reports from an accredited ballistic laboratory (NIJ). We have achieved NIJ standard-0101.04 level of 3A. The test reports had documented the ballistic integrity and performance to all specification and standards

7. We have a certification by the Center of Bulletproof Equipment of China Ordnance Industry, which accompany their offers.

8. We have an in house ballistic laboratory or accredited agent capable of performing ballistic testing of incoming raw material and in-process samples.

9. Our helmet has a comfort pad that provides comfort in the crown area-pad is attached to the suspension.

10. It also can resist the shrapnel of 1.1g as the average speed 648.1m/s. It also prevent penetration of 9 mm Parabellum fired from 9mm Uzi Sub-machine gun.

11. The heat insulation of the helmet, material is less than others, so the shell inside will not be too hotter or colder when in sizzle or chilliness area.

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