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Love Guard Condoms

Love Guard Condoms

Love Guard Condoms
Love Guard Condoms

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Company: National Star Industrial Limited

Product Description

Love guard condoms are sheaths of thin and fine latex worn on the penis during intercourse. And they are available dry or lubricated. Sometimes they are called rubbers, safes, or jimmies. Love guard reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infection. They are also effective over-the-counter, barrier methods of reversible birth control.

Love guard collect semen before, during, and after a man ejaculates ("comes"). This can keep sperm from entering the vagina.

High quality natural latex premium condoms (easy to use & extra safe).

1. Delays condoms (delays ejaculation & Increases satisfaction)
2. Non-spermicidal classic condoms.
3. Spermicidal condoms.
4. Fruit flavour condoms.
5. Anti-bacterium condoms.
6. Colored condoms.
7. Vibrating condoms.

1. Classic plain.
2. Ribbed for extra sensation.
3. Dotted for extra sensation.
4. Ribbed & dotted for extra sensation.

*Flavour: Assorted fruit flavour (banana, strawberry, apple, orange, lemon, chocolate, vanilla flavour and etc.

*Perfumed: With slightly rose perfumed or buyers options.
*Shape: Straight with teat ended.
*Inspection: 100% electronically tested.
*Lubricant: With silicone lubricated
*Colors: Transparent color.

*Sizes: European size or buyers option(49-56mm x 160mm/180mm).

A. Each pc/square aluminum foil
B. Each pc/oblong aluminum foil

1. 3 pcs/printed paper wallet then 48 pcs/inner box.
2. 3 pcs/printed paper box then 48 pcs/inner box.
3. 6 pcs/printed paper box then 24 pcs/inner box.
4. 12 pcs/printed paper box then 12 pcs/inner box.
5. 144 pcs/bulk printed paper box.

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