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Tissue Paper Jumbo Roll Making Plant

Tissue Paper Jumbo Roll Making Plant

Tissue Paper Jumbo Roll Making Plant
Tissue Paper Jumbo Roll Making Plant

Trade Info

Payment Terms:  L/C, T/T
Trademark:  QZMM

Additional Info.

Trademark:  QZMM
Company: Quanzhou Minmetals (Group) Corporation

Product Description

These series products are researched and developed based on pressure cylinder and pressurized former and adopt pulp splashing of fourdrinier paper machine. It introduces adventages of the former abroad, and is combined with the feaure of cylinder forming, which avoids throwing pulp by the cyclinder paper machine in high speed , also improves trimming when the tissue is forming , so as to dwindle the tensile strength and stabilize the substance of the tissue by mutral function of felt and netting.
The machine is widely used for toilet paper , napkin paper making machine as well as the line of tracing paper and former paper for adhesive paper . The  working speed can reach more than 200 m/min.

Pressure cylinder vat
Stainless wire mould
Compound breathing air hood
Compound air operated blade
Pulse air operated automatic control felt guider(felt)
Automatic elelctric felt stretcher(felt)
High line-pressure fluted roll, air operated press
Designed speed:250m/min

Technical Parameter
Item \Tpye                          1092      1575       1760         1880      2362
Designing speed(m/min) 280        280         280           280         280
Working speed(m/min) 160-250 160-250 160-250 160-250 160-250
Substance(g/m2)              13-30     13-30      13-30      13-30     13-30
Productive capacity(t/d)     4-5          5-6           6-7           7-8         8-10
Power of main motor(KW) 30          37              37            45          55
Track gauge(mm)              1900       2400      2600        2800      3400
Weight(t)                                32          43              47            52          61

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