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FOB Price:US $3 - 10 / Piece
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  • Type: Potted Flowers
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Cacti-Grafted Cacti-Cactus:
Our nursery can provide more than 20 beautiful items cactus and cacti grafted, the sizes from 5.5 cm potted, 8.5 cm potted to 10.5 cm potted up and height to 40 cm up. We have the experience of export cactus and cacti grafted to Europe and USA for more than 5 years following standard packaging and operation based on professional treatment and full inpection.

Welcome you inquiry us about any live plants, you must be satisfied with our good cooperation.

Our nursery have large stock of the plants as below selling hot with competitive price for you:

1. Palm and Cycas
-Trachycarpus Fortunei(Height from 50cm to 350cm)
-Cycas Revoluta(Bulbs, Single trunk, Multi-head, Bushy, Bonsai, Height to 200cm, W/O leaves)
-Phoenix Roebelenii(Trunk height from 30cm to 200cm)
-Livistona Chinensis(Height from 30cm to 400cm)
-Hyophorbe Lagenicaulis(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Wodyetia Bifurcata(Height from 150cm to 400cm)
-Nolina Recurvata(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Ravenea Rivularis(Height from 100cm to 600cm)
-Rhapis, Rhapis Excelsa, Rhapis Multifida(Height from 50cm to 300cm, many stems)
-Roystonea Regia(Height from 100cm to 600cm)
-Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Caryota Ochlandra(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Butia capitata(Height from 1m to 3m)

2. Ornamental Plants
-Echinocactus Grusonii(Diameter from 20cm to 40cm)
-Pachira Macrocarpa(Height from 45cm to 200cm)
-Zamioculcas Zamiifolia(Height from 30cm to 100cm)
-Lucky Bamboo(Tower, Spiral, Straight)
-Dracaena Draco(Height from 100cm to 300cm)

3. Bonsai
-Ficus Microcarpa
-Carmona Microphylla
-Ulmus Pumila
-Bougainvillea Spectabilis
-Loropetalum Chinense
-Lagerstroemia Indica
-Aadenium Obesum
-Podocarpus macrophyllus
-Araucaria Heterophylla
-Acer Buergerianum
-Serissa Serissoides

4. Landscaping Trees
-Pandanus Utilis(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Lagerstroemia Indica(Height from 100cm to 400cm)
-Bambusa Ventricosa(Height from 50cm to 400cm)
-Acer Palmatum(Height from 50cm to 300cm)
-Ligustrum Lucidum(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Bougaivillea Spectabilis(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Albizia Julibrissin(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Magnolia(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Prunus Cerasifera(Height from 100cm to 300cm)
-Sophora Jap. Pendula(Height from 50cm to 300cm)

5. Cactus & Succulent
-Echinocactus Grusonii(Origin from China, Europe, US)
-Cactus(Origin from China, Europe)
-Cacti and Cacti grafted(Export to Europe. etc)

6. Flower pot
-Ceramic pot(Many items and sizes)
-Plastic pot(Many items and sizes)
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