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Portable Sawmills

Portable Sawmills

Portable Sawmills
Portable Sawmills

Trade Info

Type:  Woodworking Sawing Machine

Basic Info.

Type:  Woodworking Sawing Machine

Product Description

Specification's Items MJ800 MJ1000 MJ1300 MJ1600
Max. Wood diameter 800mm 1000mm 1300mm 1600mm
Band wheel diameter 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm
Max. Sawing thickness 260mm 260mm 260mm 260mm
Max. Length of the wood 4500mm 4500mm 4500mm 4500mm
Power output 13HP 18HP 22HP 22HP
Lifting motor power
Rail length (standard model) 5900mm 5900mm 5900mm 5900mm
Overall width 2100mm 2100mm 2400mm 2700mm
Total weight(standard model) 1100KG 1100KG 1300KG 1500KG
Loading info 6 PCS 3 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS

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