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One-line LED Moving Signs (M500N-7x80RG2)

One-line LED Moving Signs (M500N-7x80RG2)

One-line LED Moving Signs (M500N-7x80RG2)
One-line LED Moving Signs (M500N-7x80RG2)

Trade Info

Model NO.:  M500N-7x80RG2

Basic Info.

Model NO.:  M500N-7x80RG2

Additional Info.

Company: Shenzhen Taoled Technlogy Co.,Ltd.

Product Description

* Technology: LED
* Format: Full DOT Matrix(Alpha Numeric)
* Character Height: 53mm
* Characters per Line: 13(with 53mm character height)
* Character Color: Multicolor (one red and one green LED per pixel)
* Manifestation contents: Many Country Language and Pic.

* Pixel Size: 5mm
* Pixel Pitch: 7.62mm
* Pixel Resolution(whole sign): 7x80(HHxWW)
* LEDs per Pixel: 2
* Total LEDs (per side): 1, 120

* Communication: Remote&RS232(Can choose RS422/Ethernet/Wireless)
* Interface: Cable Connection & IR
* Functionality: Message Display

* Power requirements: 5Vdc 3A
* Most power: 15W
* Enclosure: Extruded Aluminium.
* Enclosure Color: Black
* Display size: 53.34x609.6mm(HHxWW)
* Approx dimensions: 100x660x34mm(HHxWWxDD)
* Weight: 1.35KG

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