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Rational Construction Kaplan Water Turbine Generator

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Offer Post Time: Oct 31, 2013
Expiration Date: Apr 11, 2014
Details: Product Name: Kaplan water turbine generator

For example:
Water turbine generator ZD600A-LH-300 & SF3200-56/4800

Model Explanation:
For turbine:
Z: Axial flow
D: Fixed blades
600A: Runner model
LH: Vertical
300: Runner dia. 3.0m
For generator:
SF: Water turbine generator
3200: Capacity 32MW
56: Pole no.
4800: O. D. Of the stator iron core 4800mm

Technical parameters:
1. Runner dia.: 1-5.5m
2. Water head: 4.5-36.2m
3. Efficiency: 85%

1. Rated output: 1-18MW
2. Voltage: 6.3-13.8kV
3. Frequency: 50Hz

Turbine shaft: Cast steel, forged steel, carbon steel
Blade: Stainless steel
Bearing: Stainless steel, cast steel
Guide vane: Alloy steel

Structure and principle:
The axial flow turbine is an inward flow reaction turbine, which means that the working fluid changes pressure as it moves through the turbine and gives up its energy. The design combines radial and axial features. The inlet is a scroll shaped tube that wraps around the turbine's wicket gate. Water is directed tangentially through the wicket gate and spirals on to a propeller shaped runner, causing it to spin.
The axial flow type turbines are available for hydraulic power resources of medium and low heads. We manufacture both the fixed blade type and adjustable blade type turbines. The fixed blade type turbines are suitable for hydro power stations with small or medium capacities and heads and relatively stable loads. The adjustable blade type turbines are suitable for hydro power stations with medium or large capacities and heads, and relatively unstable loads.

It is suitable for hydropower stations whose water head and power change largely, and can run efficiently and stably in all kinds of situation.

If no special requirement, the products are packed with wooden case in the container.

Quality assurance:
Our company has obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system certification issued by DNV. All products have passed environment management system certification by China Great Wall Quality Assurance Center, and are qualified.

Operation and maintenance manual with:
Operating criteria
O / M manual of Turbine & Generator
O / M manual of all main equipment / components
Wiring diagram of controls and switch boards panel
Parts list and cable list

Spare parts for Turbine
Supply the spare part for the turbine and associated equipment considered necessary for 3 years of operation of the generating units.

The contract includes the design, manufacture, inspection and testing, packing for export shipment.

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