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Ningbo Everstar Industry Co., Limited [Country/Region:China] [Dec 05, 2014]

Focus on building material Everstar Co., Ltd is among the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our product ranges fiberglass mesh, fiberglass sheet, fiberglass FRP gratings, shower tray and bathtub, ceramic washbasin, manhole cover and frame, granite monument, etc Our clients are ...

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Lixin Victory Magnetic Door Curtain Co., Limited [Country/Region:China] [Jul 12, 2014]

Lixin Victory Magnetic Door Curtain Co., Limited Mainly focus on manufacturing and exporting our new product: The Magnetic screen doors. It is, we believe, an excellent replacement/alternative For the traditional fly screen. It will close automatically after people have Passed through ...

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Rocketbiz Trade & Invest [Country/Region:Cameroon] [Nov 08, 2012]

Rocketbiz Trade & Invest was established a few years ago. We are legally registered trading company who specializes in the importation of almost all textile related goods such as t-shirts, mosquito nets, bed sheets, towels etc. We also help in promoting and finding customers on redundant goods.

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