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Easy Sourcing Service is an online sourcing service for buyers to get exact quotations from matched suppliers.

Accurate Suppliers Matching

100% Verified suppliers matching

Time and Cost Saving

1-Minute fast posting, multiple quotes

Effective and Quality Quotations

Compare offers and request samples online

How Does it Work?

Submit Sourcing Request

Made-in-China.com Match Suppliers

Suppliers Provide Quotes

Buyers Reply to Suppliers

New States of Sourcing

  • Electric Plug


    Electric Plug

    Category: Electrical & Electronics
    Purchase quantity: 50000 Piece(s)
    Received 14 Quotations

  • Plastic Cylinder

    United Kingdom

    Plastic Cylinder

    Category: Industrial Equipment & Components
    Purchase quantity: 3000 Piece(s)
    Received 12 Quotations

  • Hotel Bedroom Set

    Saudi Arabia

    Hotel Bedroom Set

    Category: Furniture
    Purchase quantity: 100 Set(s)
    Received 11 Quotations

  • Kraft Paper Bag with Window


    Kraft Paper Bag with Window

    Category: Bags, Cases & Boxes
    Purchase quantity: 126000 Piece(s)
    Received 10 Quotations

  • Chrom Steel Washers/Spacers


    Chrom Steel Washers/Spacers

    Category: Industrial Equipment & Components
    Purchase quantity: 1000000 Piece(s)
    Received 9 Quotations

  • Travel Master Pet Carrier


    Travel Master Pet Carrier

    Category: Sporting Goods & Recreation
    Purchase quantity: 100 Piece(s)
    Received 9 Quotations

  • Hologram Stickers


    Hologram Stickers

    Category: Packaging & Printing
    Purchase quantity: 10000 Piece(s)
    Received 9 Quotations

  • Garbage Bag


    Garbage Bag

    Category: Light Industry & Daily Use
    Purchase quantity: 1000 Piece(s)
    Received 8 Quotations

  • Women Shoes Ballerina Shoes


    Women Shoes Ballerina Shoes

    Category: Apparel & Accessories
    Purchase quantity: 1000 Piece(s)
    Received 7 Quotations

  • Silicone Placemat for Kids


    Silicone Placemat for Kids

    Category: Arts & Crafts
    Purchase quantity: 200 Piece(s)
    Received 7 Quotations

  • Hexagonal High Alumina Ceramic


    Hexagonal High Alumina Ceramic

    Category: Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy
    Purchase quantity: 500 Square Meter(s)
    Received 6 Quotations

  • 3D Mink Lashes


    3D Mink Lashes

    Category: Light Industry & Daily Use
    Purchase quantity: 800 Pieces
    Received 6 Quotations

  • Smart Watch


    Smart Watch

    Purchase quantity: 1000 Pieces
    Received 6 Quotations

  • DSLR Camera Bags

    United Arab Emirates

    DSLR Camera Bags

    Category: Bags, Cases & Boxes
    Purchase quantity: 2000 Piece(s)
    Received 5 Quotations

  • Watchband



    Category: Light Industry & Daily Use
    Purchase quantity: 20000 Piece(s)
    Received 5 Quotations

  • Car Back Sticker


    Car Back Sticker

    Category: Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories
    Purchase quantity: 15000 Piece(s)
    Received 5 Quotations

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It helps you find the exact products and suppliers with detailed description.

How Does it Work?

Enter Product Keywords

Choose Suitable Suppliers

View Company Profile

Send Inquiry to Suppliers

Audit ReportLearn More

Audit Reports are standard third party reports provided by Made-in-China.com, in which the trade ability, quality control systems and other comprehensive abilities of the suppliers, who deal primarily in foreign trade business will be reflected.

Reliable information to help evaluate your business candidate

Trade risk reduction when conducting business

Cost saving for business trip costs and supplier checking

How Does it Work?

Search Products of Audited Suppliers

Read Audit Reports for Free

Contact Audited Suppliers

Business Information ReportLearn More

Business Information Report contains risk analysis, business history, trade payments, operations, corporate structure, finance & banking, industry analysis and public records.

Avoiding the Business Risks

The risk evaluation and assessment produced by the D&B help you reduce risks.

Guiding the Negotiation

Learning the current situation of Chinese enterprises management, financial and payment ability.

Understanding the Related Industry

Have a better understanding of the competitors in China and the business strategy.

How Does it Work?

Fill in the Application Form

Confirm Application Information


Download the Report

Online Sourcing MeetingLearn More

The Online Sourcing Meeting is a customized service arranged by Made-in-China.com, which brings you a brand new experience, to communicate with suppliers face-to-face on the Internet.

Accurate Supplier Matching

We pre-match suppliers according to your exact requirements.

Time and Cost Saving

We arrange your meeting with selected suppliers, online face to face without long distance travel.

Making the Communication More Effective

Get professional assistance from our buyer service team and discuss your detailed requirements throughout the online meeting to make the communication with your potential suppliers more effective.

How Does it Work?

Submit Application

Buyer Service
Team Contacts

Buyer Service
Team Arranges

Install Software for
Online Sourcing

Meet Supplier for
an Online Sourcing

Offline Sourcing MeetingLearn More

Offline Sourcing Meeting provides pre-matching services and arranges face-to-face meeting when you visit China for a business trip or visit our booth during international trade fair.

Accurate Supplier Matching

We pre-match suppliers according to your exact requirements.

Time and Cost Saving

Arrange your meeting with selected suppliers

Making Your Business Trip More Productive

If you visit China, we can prearrange your sourcing trip in China and offer local transportation and hotel reservation service, arrange face to face meeting and factory visit. If you visit our booth during the trade fair, we can also prearrange your meeting with your selected exhibitors.

How Does it Work?

Submit Your Application

Buyer Service Team Contacts you

Buyer Service Team Matches you with Quality Suppliers

You Meet with Pre-matched Suppliers

iCredit Financing ServiceLearn More

iCredit is a loan program to help small-to-medium sized business ("Buyers") purchase products from Chinese Suppliers ("Suppliers"). It enables Buyers to purchase products and delay payment for up to 90 days. Through iCredit, Buyers can receive shipments of goods first and pay later using short-term financing up to $750,000.

Delay Payment for Up to 90 Days

Financing Up to USD $750,000

Easily Access Audited Suppliers

One-Stop Global Trade Service

How Does it Work?

Buyer Application

Supplier Agreement

Sign Contracts

Advance Payment

& Shipment



Secured Trading ServicesLearn More

Secured Trading Services on Made-in-China.com is to protect both buyers and sellers for secured transactions. Made-in-China.com Escrow, as the independent trusted third party, holds and disburses the payment dependently on the fulfillment of agreements by both seller and buyer.

Escrow Service

  • Secured Transactions
  • Trustable, Easy & Personalized Services
  • Well-protected Business Info
  • Fair Dispute Resolution

Inspection Service

  • Powered by authoritative international institutions
  • Check the quantity & quality of the products you ordered
  • Secure your payment before you confirm the quality of products

How Does it Work?

Sign Contract

Pays to Escrow

Produces Products

Buyer Inspects and Confirms Product

Ship Product

Buyer Releases Payment