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This is the trademarked logo of the world leading B2B portal of Our mission is to provide professional international trade solutions for global buyers and quality Chinese suppliers. We verify business licenses of all of our premium members. Beyond that, we also have a more strict onsite audit conducted by third-party inspectors in order to help you to do business with each other effectively and efficiently.

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The "Gold Member" logo is for suppliers who currently hold legitimate active business licenses, verified by

The "Audited Supplier" logo is an indication that these gold members have had a comprehensive check on their company.

This Logo has a simplified vision Audited Suppliers. They have:

1.Provided valid business documents (e.g. business license, export license, tax registration, QC documents, production documents, etc.).

2.Been certified by a professional specialist from SGS, Bureau Veritas, TÜV SÜD, or

3.Been issued with an audit report

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Sponsored products/suppliers that closest match the search request, mainly used on our search feature’s top ranking results (Top 10).

Most recommended products from the suppliers.

This is an indication of distinguished suppliers that are outstanding in their industry or region. It is a mark to highlight the highest of quality among Chinese companies.

TradeMessenger is an instant communication software used to better serve you in all your sourcing needs.

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