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14 Quality Children's Shoes Wholesale Suppliers in China You Should Be Buying From

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By Celinelee on Jul 1, 2020
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Abstract: Children's footwear is an excellent market for established businesses and the up and coming entrepreneur. Unlike adult shoes, which can be worn for years until they're completely worn out, children's shoes need to be replaced frequently as the child's feet grow. That assures a steady stream of new and repeat customers.

The challenge then isn't finding a market. It's finding a quality supplier that produces rugged, fashionable footwear that can scale rapidly to meet growing demand. Smart businesses are looking to China to fill this need. The country features a robust manufacturing sector that offers high-quality products at extremely competitive prices.

This article will introduce you 14 of the finest children's shoes wholesale suppliers in China.  

children's shoes wholesale suppliers China

Today's market is far more complex than it was even 10 or 20 years ago. New manufacturers have entered, increasing choices and driving down costs. Before we meet our suppliers, let's briefly examine the market.

The Children's Footwear Market Has Exploded

There was a time when children's footwear came in only a handful of styles. It was assumed that kids didn't need the range of fashion choices that adults required. Those days are long over.

Today, you can find shoes for kids in almost every style imaginable. Sneakers, low tops, high tops, slip-ons, sandals, water shoes, boots, dress shoes, and more. Oftentimes you can find designs that come in both adult and child sizes. In many ways, the industry has transitioned to treating kid's shoes the same way they treat adults, just in much smaller sizes.

This reflects a trend in the industry overall. Manufacturers are treating shoes as a premium product, and children's shoes wholesale suppliers in China are no exception. Limited runs of special edition shoes are becoming more common as consumers demand greater choice and a focus on individuality.

Independent brands — smaller suppliers with more niche customers — are coming in to fill this demand, and that represents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. The internet has leveled the playing field, allowing small, boutique brands to compete with large corporate interests like Nike, Reebok, and more.

While large companies can take complete control of their supply chains, smaller brands need to find affordable suppliers to partner with in order to compete. The children's shoes wholesale suppliers China has to offer perfectly fit the bill. You get hyper-competitive pricing, scalable production, low-MOQ requirements compared to other countries, and a wide market supporting a range of manufacturers. Here we present 14 of the very best.

China shoe manufacturers wholesale

1. Quanzhou Sonice Goods Co., Ltd.

Located in Jinjiang, a bustling manufacturing city with deep ties to the footwear industry located in the Fujian province of China, this supplier does business all over the world. Their talented designers create fashion-forward shoes for kids of all ages, ready to have your brand name added. They offer a wide range of kid's footwear, from sneakers to clogs, slippers to slip-ons, for both boys and girls.

2. Jinjiang Pinzone Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.

This supplier offers a more focused product line than the last but is still one of the leading children's shoes wholesale suppliers China is known for. They design and manufacture a range of slippers, sandals, flip flops, and clogs. They offer both standard and light-up versions of some of their most popular products, and some of their order minimums are competitive. You'll get a world-class facility and an experienced R&D team that's BSCI, Sedex, Target, Walmart, and Disney certified.

3. Buzu Light Industry Co., Ltd.

Founded in Quanzhou, also in the Fujian province, Bozu Light Industry offers kids sneakers in nearly every shape, style and color imaginable. They've been producing high-quality footwear for over 20 years and have worked with notable brands such as Armani, Kappa, Fila, Lotto, Kangaroos, Goodyear, Scalpers, Bjorn Borg and more. They pride themselves on their excellent build quality and customer service. 

4. Greenshoe Industrial Co., Ltd.

When looking for children's shoes wholesale suppliers in China, it can be important to find a company which can be well-versed in producing a range of footwear options, unless your product line is specialized. Greenshoe Industrial has experience manufacturing children's sneakers, water shoes, sandals, flip flops and more.

In business since 1994, this supplier has worked with a number of top brands including Versace, Replay, Pinko, Blauer, Richter, Pax and Disney Collection. Outputting roughly 50 new styles every month, this prolific designer and manufacturer is an excellent choice for children's footwear brands that offer expansive choices.

Chinese shoe suppliers

5. China Thrive Industrial Co., Ltd.

This manufacturer limits its footwear products to baby shoes, but it offers one of the widest selections of designs and styles available. You're sure to find existing designs that will resonate with your customers. And with minimum order quantities that routinely drop to a single pair, China Thrive works to make it as easy and as painless as possible to do business with them. If you represent a children's footwear brand that's looking to add infant shoes to its offerings, you should give this supplier a closer look.

6. Jinjiang Superstarer Import & Export Co., Ltd.

This is another supplier with a wide range of footwear options for kids. Brands can get injection boots, sneakers, clogs, sandals, flip flops, as well as a range of accessories, all from one quality company. Their business philosophy includes a strong focus on customer service as well as a commitment to “zero defects and zero complaints”.  With Jinjiang Superstarer, brands will find a superior manufacturing partner that guarantees its work and offers low MOQs to facilitate trade. 

7. Anywear Footwear (Jinjiang) Co., Limited.

With a focus on casual shoes, footwear distinguishes itself through its quality and its premium customer experience. This company works to accommodate buyers of every size. And minimum orders are flexible. You'll simply pay more per pair at lower order volumes. Buyers will find a wide selection of casual footwear options for kids, including sports-specific shoes, like aqua, basketball, cricket, soccer, golf, wrestling, hiking, badminton and tennis shoes. 

8. HangZhou FuYang Huateng Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Some children's shoes wholesale suppliers in China work to satisfy a range of footwear customers, while others specialize. This supplier falls into the latter category. They specialize in boots and manufacture a range of styles for both winter and rain purposes. Offering rubber, PVC and neoprene boots, this manufacturer produces weatherproof footwear that's are built to last.

The company works to improve its products on a continual basis and welcomes input from its customers. Their “customer first” philosophy has won them business around the world, and they're ready to put their sizable production capabilities to work for you.

9. Ningbo Jiangdong Paradise Price Crafts Co., Ltd.

This supplier offers a nice mix of infant as well as older kid's shoes in categories such as sneakers, sandals, soccer shoes, LED light-ups and slip-ons. MOQs range quite a bit, depending on the style and materials used, but businesses can find a number of quality footwear options with accessible minimum quantities.

Not only do they work hard to gain their customer's confidence, but they also pride themselves on their competitive prices, their top-notch customer service and their on-time deliveries.

10. Jinjiang Tongcheng Trading Co., Ltd.

With average MOQs, competitive prices and a focus on service, this is another example of the quality children's shoes wholesale suppliers. They manufacture children's boots, shoes, and sandals with a focus on quality and timeliness. Even during peak season, they offer buyers a short 15-day lead time, which means they're nimble enough to handle quick fluctuations in customer demand. If you're in the market for high-quality OEM/ODM merchandise from a responsive supplier, you should check out Jinjiang Tongcheng Trading Co.

shoe manufacturing companies in China

11. Quanzhou Qirun Trading Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Qirun Trading Co. offers distinctive styles, color combinations and patterning not seen from its competitors. They have a singular vision about what's possible in kid's footwear and they strive to supply their customers with unique and custom designs. Paired with low MOQs and their “all under one roof” philosophy, this supplier is a worthy addition to your team of suppliers.

Like the rest of the children's shoes wholesale suppliers in China on this list, Quanzhou Qirun Trading Co. is a one-stop shop for all of your children's footwear needs, but they go one step further. They offer custom-built shoe manufacturing machinery as well as shoe die molds. If you're looking to set up your own production capabilities at some point, this supplier can help you.

12. Quanzhou Doing Trading Co., Ltd.

Offering a wide variety of styles across loafers, sneakers, slippers, and dress shoes, this supplier offers stock and custom options. They will work with customers to adapt one of their numerous existing designs or customers can have fully-custom shoes produced. Having worked with numerous big brands such as Kappa, Legea, Fila, Polo, Goodyear, and Hush Puppies, Doing knows what it takes to satisfy large orders in a timely, quality manner, and they rank high among children's shoes wholesale suppliers in China.

13. Quanzhou Bestway Import and Export Co., Ltd.

With a focus on sports shoes, Bestway Import and Export offers reasonable MOQs and desirable pricing. Whether you're looking for basketball, soccer or general activity shoes, you'll find high quality and fashionable shoes with modern designs.

This supplier looks to build long-term relationships with their customers and they apply their 20 years of experience to the task. They also offer a wide selection of styles and colors, so buyers looking for off-the-shelf merchandise are likely to find something they're interested in.

14. Quanzhou Fengze BLT Shoes Co., Ltd.

This last entry in our list of top children's shoes wholesale suppliers in China, BLT Shoes, or Billion Lights Trading Shoes Company makes heavy investments into R&D, hiring top minds in the field to constantly improve their products and push the boundaries of footwear innovation. They focus on strict quality controls to make certain that every shoe off their production line is comparable in quality to every other.  

Types of Children's Footwear.

Some of these have been referenced throughout this article, but it bears discussing the types of shoes that can be purchased through most children's shoes wholesale suppliers in China. Not all suppliers manufacture every type of shoe, so it's worth checking if you're looking for a specific category.

Sports Shoes

Commonly called “sneakers”, sports shoes can be generalized or sports specific. Versions exist for basketball, running, tennis, and cleat versions for soccer and other field sports. Nearly all children's shoes wholesale suppliers in China manufacture sports shoes.


Boots are shoes that climb to cover the ankles and lower leg. Kid's boots generally include snow boots and rain boots or galoshes. They're made to be waterproof and resilient against the elements.

Water Shoes

Water shoes are waterproof and made to dry quickly. They have thick soles to protect kid's feet as the walk on river rocks. They're usually made of a mesh material so that they conform to the foot without slipping.

Dress Shoes

These are more formal shoes made for dressier occasions. Leather is a common material for kid's dress shoes and they come in a variety of colors and finishes.


Clogs are one-piece shoes, where the top, sides, and sole are all made from the same material. They can be used as water shoes and just general purpose, everyday shoes.


These are open-toed shoes built with straps that hold the sole to the foot. Flip flops qualify as sandals as do leather and canvas varieties.


Slippers are shoes worn around the house, generally not intended for outdoor use. They can be made of a variety of materials and are generally lined with fur or some other warm material.

best shoe manufacturers in China

China Is the Smart Choice for Kid's Footwear.

If your business is looking to sell brand kid's shoes, you owe it to yourself to check out the children's shoes wholesale suppliers from China. They offer more value and lower barriers to entry than just about anywhere else on the planet. Start with the 14 suppliers discussed in this article and expand from there!

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