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Five popular types of yoga mat in current market

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By Celinelee on Apr 25, 2021
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Yoga has continued to grow its reach, becoming one of the most popular physical exercises on the planet. This rise in awareness has led to yoga mats becoming one of the most wanted and in demand fitness accessories. This article will explain everything you need to understand about this great product. It will begin by explaining the popularity of yoga and demand for yoga mats, as well as listing the types of people that purchase them. Then, it will list five popular types of yoga mat, outlining the main points that you need to understand about each one. Finally, this guide includes tips to help you source the best types of yoga mat in the current market. By the time you have finished reading, you will know everything that you need to make a well informed investment into yoga mats.

The popularity of yoga

More than 300 million people regularly practice yoga around the world, with around 36 million Americans taking part. The number of people doing yoga has increased by more than 50% in the last 4 years.

Around 72% of yoga practitioners are female, however those of all ages and genders practice it on a regular basis.

Yoga brings many benefits to those that take part in it. As well as helping to improve flexibility and mobility, it can also work as a form of meditation. The mental health benefits of yoga are being spoken about more, with people that suffer from depression and anxiety finding that it brings them happiness and enables them to feel more calm. For this reason, many that practice yoga do it on a regular basis, to get in a routine. It can release mental and physical tension and be an important method of de-stressing yourself.

Many celebrities and social media influencers share imagery and videos of themselves doing yoga, which has grown its reach enormously in recent years. In addition to this, the large amount of yoga content online, such as free classes and YouTube tutorials, means that it is more accessible than ever before.

Millions of people search for yoga accessories on search engines every day, looking for places to buy the type of mat that they are looking for. The huge demand for people seeking information on yoga and related products, showcases the growing popularity.

Simply put, anybody can now take part in yoga and they don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started, which helps it grow its popularity further.

The importance of yoga equipment

To take part in yoga comfortably, equipment is required. Yoga mats are the most important accessory that you need for yoga, as it allows you to carry out the movements comfortably, as well as enabling you to take part in yoga in any location, regardless of the flooring.

Without a yoga mat, it can be uncomfortable as it requires people to put pressure on their knees and other body parts. On a hard surface, this can stop it being enjoyable, or even make it impossible for many people to take part.

To highlight the demand for buying yoga equipment, in America alone, $16 billion is spent on yoga classes and equipment every year. This number is expected to continue to rise in line with its popularity, meaning the yoga equipment market is expected to soar due to how essential it is.

Who buys yoga mats?

A wide variety of people look for different types of yoga mat. The reason for this is that there are many different versions available online, as well as in retail stores.

As mentioned, a yoga mat is the most important part of equipment. In fact, it can be the only investment you need, as you can practice exercises on a mat as you follow free classes. Beginners and yoga experts buy these products, with different types of yoga mat being purchased for different reasons.

Some yoga beginners will buy a yoga mat for themselves when they are starting out, or it may be bought by somebody else as a gift. Yoga teachers and gyms also invest into large quantities of yoga mats, to allow their members to join in.

Many people buy more than one yoga mat in their lifetime, as different mats have their own benefits. For example, some look different and some are more suitable for carrying, while others are designed for additional comfort. Some people have multiple mats so they can keep them in different places, for example, one at home and one in their car, or at work for spontaneous workouts. For regular yoga sessions, mats may begin to wear out after years, meaning they may require replacing.  

To summarize, those of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience buy yoga mats.

Five popular types of yoga mat

This section will list five popular types of yoga mat, explaining their individual characteristics

1. Thin yoga mats

This option is the most common type of yoga mat. Thinner yoga mats are lightweight, easy to carry, small when rolled up and ideal for a starter yoga mat. These are typically the cheapest option and they provide reasonable amounts of comfort, making yoga fun. Thin yoga mats are great for those with poor balance, as there is less movement under the foot. For most people, a thin yoga mat offers more than enough comfort and it allows you to practice yoga on a budget.

2. Padded yoga mats

Thicker yoga mats have additional padding and more cushioning, which makes them the most comfortable option. These can be more expensive than thin yoga mats, as they require additional materials to be made. Recommended for people that prefer more cushioning, they are ideal for people that are practicing yoga on very hard or uncomfortable surfaces. A more padded yoga mat is also great for people that have bad knees, as the thickness will protect the joints and cushion every movement.

3. Double sided yoga mats

Double sided yoga mats are an option for people that have multiple preferences. It means they do not have to purchase two separate mats for their different requirements.

As an example, you can get a yoga mat that has cork on one side and TPE on the other side. The benefit of a double sided yoga mat is that you can choose the most suitable side for every workout, so if you are going to be sweating lots, you can choose a non-absorbent side, while for more relaxed stretching yoga sessions, you may want to use the more padded side.

4. Eco-friendly yoga mats

While many mats are made from PVC, there are eco-friendly versions available, typically made from natural rubber, organic cotton, cork, closed-cell TPE, or jute. There are many options, with some that even have non-toxic ink on them.

There is a growing focus on eco-friendly products, as customers are paying more attention to the impact that the things they buy can have on the environment. An eco-friendly yoga mat stands out from the rest and most customers are willing to pay a higher price for a product that they know is eco-friendly.

5. Yoga mats with alignment lines

These types of yoga mat have printed or engraved lines, to help you during yoga sessions. They enable you to perfect your alignment, making it easier to keep your posture perfect while you workout, as you can see the lines and make sure the shapes you make are straight.

Alignment lines are used by those of all levels of experience. For example, a beginner may need them to make sure they are performing each move correctly. Alternatively, an expert in yoga may prefer to have alignment lines so they can make sure that their form is completely perfect.

Tips to source the right types of yoga mat

When you are looking to source the right types of yoga mat, there are many different points that you should think about. Here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself, which will guide you to make the right decision.

1. What are your target market’s requirements?

There are many different factors to consider when investing in yoga mats that are right for your target market. The first step is to understand what they are looking for, which will help you to make decisions on the following points. One of the best ways to find this out is to carry out market research, asking potential customers about their preferences, looking online for advice and understanding the demand.

2. Is the mat thick enough?

As mentioned earlier in this article, you can get thin or thick yoga mats. All provide cushioning and attract an audience of aspiring or existing yoga fans. However, it is worth making sure that the thickness you choose will be desirable by the most people possible. Often, a medium thickness yoga mat can be a safe choice, for those looking to appeal to the masses.

3. Is the material desirable?

There are various materials to choose from, so it is worth understanding people’s preferences. Look for suppliers of different material yoga mats and see if there are any that are particularly tempting to buy, considering whether they are made from PVC,  eco-friendly or other materials.

4. Is the yoga mat non-slip or textured?

Non-slip is an important feature for almost every buyer. Think about whether the design is made to prevent the mat from sliding around throughout a yoga session. Some have raised bumps, ridges, or non-slip bases so keep them in place.

5. What size is the yoga mat?

Most commonly, people buy a normal sized yoga mat, which is designed for a person of average height. However, there are types of yoga mat that are larger, designed for bigger people. Usually, you should choose a yoga mat that is at least six inches taller than you. Most buyers will choose a regular sized yoga mat, so this can be a safe choice.

6. Is it attractive?

Does the yoga mat that you are looking at look appealing? Your first impression will be similar to most people’s, so make sure it looks great when you firstly see it. Think about the style and appearance, taking factors such as color into account. Black, grey and blue are popular colors that tend to sell best online, as they are liked by the majority of people. More bold and bright colors are also available, however these may not be to everyone’s taste.

7. Is the price achievable?

One of the most important points to consider is price. You must make sure that the products you choose are competitively priced and that you can afford them. There is a wide range of pricing for yoga mats. Some are made to be cost-effective and reasonable, and there are many that can be bought for a low cost, as well as being designed brilliantly. If you are aiming to attract a more high-level customer, it could be worth investing into superior yoga mats, which can have additional features and benefits.

8. Minimum order quantity and capacity

When you choose your supplier, it’s vital to make sure that they can scale up or down the order quantity as required. If you have a month with barely any sales, or even a really busy one, you may need to purchase small amounts of stock, or even enormous orders, so it’s important to find a supplier that can adjust order quantities in line with what you need.

9. Lead times

If you are running low on stock, you need to understand lead times to replenish stock. Because of this, you must understand how long it takes for another batch of yoga mats to be sent to you. This will help you to know exactly what to expect and make sure you are not unrealistic with delivery times.


Yoga mats have become one of the most popular fitness accessories on the planet and the demand continues to grow. This has created an opportunity for buyers to purchase the most popular types of yoga mat. Use the information in this article to guide you to make the right purchase, investing in the best yoga mats that customers will love. By doing this, you are able to get a reputation for being a great buyer, having a list of fantastic products for sale.

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