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Get a deep knowing of Chinese cheongsam culture

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By Celinelee on May 10, 2021
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This piece intends to introduce traditional Chinese  cheongsam culture  and development history of cheongsam in recent one hundred years. What's more, we will tell you different materials of cheongsam in current market.

Chinese traditional culture cheongsam

Cheongsam is the traditional costume with Chinese characteristic. In a sense, it can be regarded as China's national costume and represents the long history and culture of the Chinese nation. The design of the cheongsam has the symbolic Eastern style, just like the docile and elegant qualities of Eastern women. The simple and concise design of the cheongsam, and the tight-fitting tailoring highlights the soft curves of oriental women. This is exactly the charm of cheongsam.

In recent years, with the continuous development of international exchanges, cheongsam has frequently appeared on the international fashion stage. As a formal dress with national representative significance, it has appeared on many important occasions and has almost become the representative of "national clothing". For modern people who like to show their individuality, cheongsam can also be very fashionable choice. You can get rid of the shackles of monochrome, flora and checkered cloth, and pair it with decent hair wigs, shoes and accessories, and you will have your own beauty.

Cheongsam is the most representative traditional clothing for Chinese women, and it can be said to be a typical dress symbol for Chinese women. Among Chinese national costumes, cheongsam has always been the leader with its unique charm and been prosperous for a long time.

In recent years, cheongsam has appeared more and more in people's vision. It has not only become women's daily wear, but also a social dress that symbolizes Chinese national fashion and condenses historical traditions. In particular, many public figures also like to wear cheongsam on important occasions, which has set off a wave of cheongsam fashion. Cheongsam embodies the "Beauty of Neutralization". As we all know, the core and soul of traditional Chinese aesthetics is "the beauty of neutrality." This is the fundamental spirit of Chinese traditional cultural thought. The traditional Chinese aesthetic psychology requires harmony. Therefore, in order to obtain a true sense of beauty, the aesthetic object itself must firstly meet certain standards, otherwise the "neutral beauty" will not be reflected.

In the traditional Chinese aesthetic standards, the most ideal requirements for women are elegance and demure. This is what the ladies do, and it also meets the requirements of the society for women. This aesthetic psychology is precipitated in the traditional Chinese thinking, and the same is true for the performance on the cheongsam. Since the design of cheongsam is mostly tight-fitting and wrapping, it not only reflects the graceful body shape of women, but also the physical activity of the person who wear is restricted and affected. When you wear a cheongsam, you will consciously or unconsciously control your behavior, even the tone of speech, the posture of sitting, walking and etc.

Development history of cheongsam within one hundred year.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese politics was ups and downs. The Revolution of 1911 abolished the monarchy, founded the Republic of China, cut braids, changed clothes and colors, and brought the feudal dynasty's hierarchical system to the history museum. All this created conditions for the prolongation of new style cheongsam, civilized New Clothes became popular among urban women at that time.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the golden age of cheongsam was also the most glorious period of modern Chinese women's clothing. It was at this time that cheongsam established its irreplaceable and important position on the women's wear stage and became a typical representative of Chinese women's wear. The process of cheongsam going to classic can be said to have been basically completed in the 1930s and the 1940s is the continuation of its golden age in time.

There was also a glorious moment in the 1950s. In the era when the people are the masters, if clothing is also popular, then the trend of fashion has turned to the common people.

During 1960s and 1970s, cheongsam was left out for 20 years. The "Cultural Revolution" from 1966 to 1976 was a catastrophe for traditional culture and a disaster for cheongsam.

In the 80s and 90s - now, cheongsam can hardly be more brilliant. After the reform and opening up, the heyday of cheongsam has gone. It has been neglected for 30 years, and it seems a bit outdated since the opening up in the 1980s.

The aesthetics of cheongsam

In the past ten years, cheongsam, which has reappeared in fashion, has frequently appeared in international fashion stage. It has a graceful appearance and is used as a formal dress with national representative significance in various international social etiquette occasions.

Beijing and Shanghai Style of Cheongsam

Beijing and Shanghai School represent two styles of art and culture. The Shanghai style is characterized by the absorption of Western art, which is innovative, flexible and diverse, and has a strong commercial atmosphere; The Beijing style has an official style, which is reserved and concise.

Artist and cheongsam

Art is a social ideology that concretely reflects social life and expresses a social awareness of  the author's thoughts.

Designer and cheongsam

After the evolution of the first half of the 20th century, the basic characteristics and constituent elements of cheongsam slowly stabilized. Cheongsam has become a classic women's dress. Classics are relatively stable, while fashions are ever-changing. But fashion designers often look for inspiration from the classic treasure house, and cheongsam is also one of the sources of inspiration for designers. 

In short, cheongsam is a traditional costume of Chinese women, not a historical costume that has been lost. It has not only the vicissitudes of the past, but also a completely new present. Cheongsam itself has a certain historical significance, coupled with a high degree of appreciation, so it is extremely valuable for collection. Although there are not many women wearing cheongsams in modern times, many parts of modern cheongsams still maintain the traditional charm and meanwhile reflect the beauty of fashion, so they also have a certain collection value.

Let's talk about our cheongsam. It is said that cheongsam has only a century of history, but it does not mean that cheongsam cannot represent our Chinese culture. Cheongsam is also one of our traditional Chinese women's clothing. It became popular in the 1920s. It is mainly a fashion designed on the basis of the traditional Manchu women's cheongsam and Western culture. The reason why cheongsam also has a deep meaning is because cheongsam is known as the quintessence of China and the national dress of women!

The charm of cheongsam not only stems from the background of the times, but also because of its own beauty! Wearing a cheongsam is a piece of elegance, a piece of sensuality and it is a display of beauty. " When you dress in Tsing Yi, you will be dyed with a blossoming tree, with two sleeves of moonlight, telling of peerless elegance.

This is the most beautiful and vivid expression of cheongsam. Although we still hold a lot of controversy regarding cheongsam. But this also does not allow us to ignore the various styles and graceful beauty displayed by a woman after wearing a cheongsam!

Material of cheongsam

What fabric is best for cheongsam

Silk fabric is the best.

When it refers to cheongsam, the first impression in many people's minds is silk. It is the first impression that cheongsam fabrics can't get around it. The hand feels silk smooth and elegant, with elegant pearl luster, and is known as the "Queen" of the fabric. Today, we have given it the reputation of "healthy fiber" and "healthy fiber". The health function of silk is incomparable and irreplaceable for fabrics of different materials. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, which is almost the same as the amino acids contained in human skin. Therefore, it is also called the "second skin" of our human beings.

What fabrics does the cheongsam have

1. Cheongsam made of silk fabric

Silk is one of the main fabrics for cheongsam. It has good moisture absorption, air permeability, soft, delicate and a gentle luster. With a smooth feel and good drape, the silk cheongsam is full of luxury and extravagance, which is very suitable for formal occasions.

2. Cheongsam made of fragrant cloud yarn fabric

Xiangyun yarn is the original ecological traditional fabric, using mulberry silk as the raw material, which is a relatively high-end variety. Wearing a cheongsam made of it, it will produce a rustle when you walk, and it also has the advantages of waterproof and sunscreen. The color is simple , nostalgic, durable and feels refreshing and soft. It is very suitable for intellectual women with classical charm.

3. Cheongsam made of velvet fabric

Velvet is a light and warm fabric. It has a silky feel, flexible, skin-friendly and has excellent biocompatibility with the human body. Cheongsam made of velvet is even more classic among cheongsam, which can best show the charm of oriental women. Velvet cheongsam not only looks much softer than satin cheongsam, but also has better warmth retention. This rough texture appears heavy, which is very suitable for autumn wear.

4. Cheongsam made of cotton and linen fabric

Cotton and linen fabric is a kind of fabric made by blending cotton and linen fibers. Made into cheongsam, the style is simple and generous, but also has good breathability and moisture absorption. It is soft, simple and comfortable to wear. It is different from the brilliance of silk cheongsam. It highlights the girlishness and is also suitable for daily wear.


This article helps you get a deep knowing of Chinese traditional cheongsam culture and its development history. Meanwhile, you know different materials of cheongsam. Through those materials, you will know different styles of it. Thus, you will know which one you need to purchase.

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