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Get a deep understanding of Chinese oil paper umbrella

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By Celinelee on Jun 16, 2021
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A Chinese oil paper umbrella is a great product that is appreciated by those all over the world. The potential market for these items is impressive and they continue to grow in popularity. This article will begin by explaining what these great items are, and the ways that they are made. After this, it will outline six top benefits of purchasing them, listing the reasons that they are a great purchase for any person or business. After that, the popularity of them will be explained, giving reasons that they are bought by so many people and so often. Then, you can read all about the reasons that you should stock them, before seeing seven top tips to help you source the perfect ones for your needs. By the time you have finished reading this article, as well as having an in-depth understanding of the market, you will know where to begin your search and have all of the knowledge that you need to make a great business decision. Then, all you need to do is to begin searching for the perfect products and place your order to get started. Here’s everything that you need to know.

What is a Chinese oil paper umbrella?

The Chinese oil paper umbrella is a product that originated in China. It is believed that they then became popular in Korea and Japan during the Tang dynasty, also spreading to countries such as Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Thailand.

These beautiful accessories will be familiar to you, as they are used by people all around the world. They include gorgeous designs that are delicate and eye-catching. We will now look at the creation of them in more detail.

How are Chinese oil paper umbrellas made?

One of the reasons that these products are loved so much is that they are crafted with great care. If their production follows the traditional process, bamboo is sourced and selected, before being soaked in water and treated to prevent it from becoming damaged. It is then used to create the skeleton of the umbrella. Then, cotton paper with great strength is to cut to size, gluing this onto the bamboo skeleton. Then patterns are painted onto the umbrella, with designs including flowers, mountains, birds, people and beautiful scenes. After this, the umbrella is coated in oil and exposed to the sunlight to help it set. Finally, colourful cotton thread is used to attach the skeleton and the handle is attached. Sometimes, this process is done in the same way, but it can use different materials, such as alternatives to bamboo and cotton paper.

This process is done with great care, which is what makes the items so unique. When they were firstly made, each Chinese oil paper umbrella could take months to make, depending on the weather. The reason for this is that there must be ideal weather conditions to create a perfect umbrella cover, due to the fact that sunlight that is too strong or environments with high moisture levels can prevent it from having a smooth surface.  

There are also methods of creating them in indoor environments, where conditions can be controlled more closely to speed up production time.

Benefits of Chinese oil paper umbrellas

There are many different benefits of these great items. This section will list the great reasons to purchase and use an oil paper umbrella.

1. Blocks UV rays

The coated surface of these umbrellas means that they can block UV rays. This means they are great in sunshine and can be used in many different situations. Reasons that this is such a great feature is that people can use them to keep cool in warm weather, whether they are sitting on the ground in the shade of their umbrella, carrying it as they walk, or using it to shade their baby in a pushchair. As well as stopping people from feeling too hot, it also protects from UV rays, meaning it can stop people from getting sunburn.

2. Waterproof

The oil coating on paper umbrellas makes them waterproof. The shiny surface works to keep rain away, making it run off the umbrella instead of being absorbed. Whether it is light drizzle, or pouring rain, anybody with one of these umbrellas can stay dry without having to worry.

3. Long-lasting

These umbrellas are very durable, so they last for very long periods of time, making them a great investment. Because of their long-lasting strength, they can be opened and used countless times without cracking or becoming discolored.

4. Lightweight

The materials used in their creation makes them lightweight. Therefore, they are easy to carry for long periods of time without it becoming uncomfortable.

5. Attractive

They are very attractive items, meaning they look great with any outfit. Their unique and beautiful appearance makes them perfect to use as a decorative addition, or as an accessory when you are going out, looking brilliant when used for any occasion.

6. Multifunctional

As you can tell from the many uses, these great products can be incredibly useful. Because they are easy to carry around, they are perfect to bring everywhere you go, meaning you can make the most of this attractive item, whatever the weather.

How popular is the Chinese oil paper umbrella?

The Chinese oil paper umbrella is very popular in China and around the world. The benefits mentioned in the previous section play a large part in this, as they are loved by people and are also used in a wide range of situations.

Their popularity has grown quickly due to the positive publicity that they have received. Many fashion shows and media publications have showcased these great items, sharing their benefits and imagery of their attractive designs with the masses. Their unique and stylish appearance has captured people’s attention, with many social media influencers also purchasing and using them. Imagery of influential people using these umbrellas has encouraged other people to buy them too. This large amount of publicity has made enormous numbers of people see them as desirable, wanting to also have these great products for themselves.

The growth in popularity of these umbrellas has made them more easily recognized and more widely appreciated, so the number of people looking to buy them has grown and is expected to continue going up.

Where can you buy them?

There are many places that you can buy them from. There are suppliers around the world that create these amazing items, however they are particularly popular with Chinese suppliers.

Marketplaces and online platforms are a great way to source them. The reason for this is that they include lots of in-depth information about every product that can make it easy to compare different options. There are also plenty of retailers that sell these items, meaning there is a large range of choice.

Why choose them and what is the market like?

For those investing into buying large quantities, these are a great investment. Here are the reasons for this:

1. They sell well

The popularity of these amazing items means that people are constantly looking to buy them. This great market for them makes them a wise purchase.

2. They last for long periods of time

The great news is that they do not damage easily. They can be stored for long amounts of time without deteriorating or needing replacing, which means they hold their value and do not depreciate.

3. They are not heavy

Their lightweight design is not only beneficial for those using them, but also for shipping. The heavier something is to send, the more expensive it usually it, which is why these items can be a lot cheaper than other products to have delivered, or to send to customers.

Points to consider when buying oil paper umbrellas

There are some factors that you should think about before purchasing these products, to make sure you make the right decision. Here are some of the main considerations:

- Colour

They can be purchased in many different colors, including bright colors such as red, or more plain, beige colors. Think about the types that look the best, as well as the ones that your target market are likely to prefer.

- Patterns

It is also worth looking at the types of designs that you would prefer to buy. Some choose more complicate, intricate designs, while others go for more plain options as they are likely to impress a larger number of people.

- Price

This key factor influences any purchasing decision, as whatever you buy must be affordable. It is important to find items that are priced fairly and reasonably, so they can be resold for competitive prices and so that you can get the quantity you need within your budget.

- Reviews

Before committing to purchasing a large quantity of stock, you should always make sure you know what you are expecting and that the standard and quality is high enough. Looking at reviews is one of the best ways to hear about others’ experiences and check that there aren’t likely to be any unpleasant surprises.

- Delivery and packaging

Make sure the supplier is able to deliver within your required time scales, making sure they arrive in time for when you need them. If they take months and you want to start selling them immediately, you may need to look at other suppliers. It is also important to make sure that the packaging is suitable. As an example, some suppliers may send them in large crates of 200 items, while others might ship them in individual boxes. They could be wrapped up safely in bubble wrap, or could only be protected by cardboard. Information about packaging is essential in making sure it arrives safely and without being damaged. It is also worth speaking with your chosen suppliers to ask questions about packaging and see if your preferences can be made to happen.

- Quantity

Another point that you must make sure meets your requirements is the quantity that the supplier can offer. Most have minimum order quantities which is the smallest number of items that you can have in an order. You must make sure that this is of a size that works for you. In addition to this, they will also have a maximum capacity. By making sure you understand how many you have to order, any restrictions to this, how often you can place another order and if they are able to meet your quantity requirements, you can be confident that you can scale your business up or down without having to find a new supplier.

- Materials

If you are looking to sell umbrellas of the highest quality, it is important to make sure that the materials reflect this. Some items will be cheaper but they will sacrifice quality to bring the cost down. Work out what your priorities are and decide whether you want to have a product that impresses and lasts for a long time, or one that is cheaper and is not as durable.


There is a great potential market for the Chinese oil paper umbrella. Making the most of their popularity and purchasing them now is a great way to get into this market. When you are getting started, it is important to do your research and take note of the points mentioned in this article. You should also understand your target market’s preferences and base your decisions on this, which will help to capture their attention. The next step in your journey to owning and selling these great products is to find the right supplier and make sure they can meet your needs while providing you with the perfect products. Finally, all you have to do is to place your order and wait them to arrive. It really can be that simple!

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