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How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Printing Machine for Small Business

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By Celinelee on Sep 13, 2022
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To choose a T shirt printing machine for small business is a good choice undoubtedly. For T shirt printer can create many stunning products. However, each type of T shirt printing machine has different function and specification, so their prices are different. Small business owners can make the right purchase according to your practical need.

This article will examine the best T-shirt printing machine for small business in the industry and what kind of devices is currently available. Firstly, there will be a discussion of what to think about before choosing a T-shirt printing machine.

These factors include its use or the types of devices that are available. Then, this article will provide a list of different printing machines considered best in 2022 for those looking to expand or maintain their current T-shirt printing capabilities.

Before diving into the best T-shirt printing machine for small business, it's time to look at what people should think about when they search for T-shirt printing machines. Many of these factors are important to think about, and provide people with a starting point for their search. Then you can choose the best machine to purchase.

best t shirt printing machine for small business

Things to Think About When Choosing a T-Shirt Printing Machine

When choosing a T-shirt printing machine, there are many things to consider. First and foremost, people need to consider how much use it will require, especially considering the size of the business purchasing this item for their operations.

Additionally, other items like budget and type of printing might be necessary to consider for narrowing the scope of the search. Here are a few things to consider before buying a T-shirt printing machine.

How Much Will It Be Used?

Often, a T-shirt printing machine needs to be purchased to withstand an amount of use per day that is required for the business. This will generally mean finding a giant machine with more capabilities and robust technology for a more significant business.

However, for smaller companies, a T-shirt printing machine can be a bit smaller in scale and potentially have shorter longevity, as it is used for minimal activity every single day. In addition, T-shirt printing machines differ in capacity and strength, so understanding how much the business will use the device is essential to make a decision.

What’s the Budget?

The next area of focus is to look at the budget. Deciding a budget for a T-shirt printing machine will ultimately create a smaller scope of what's available. This will make things much easier for business owners looking to buy a T-shirt printing machine.

The larger the budget, the more options there are, and the higher quality items. However, a lower budget does not always mean lower quality, but it does mean potentially getting a smaller machine or one with fewer capabilities than the most expensive ones.

best t shirt printer for small business

What Kind of Printing Does the Machine Conduct?

The next area of focus is what kind of printing the machine conducts. Again, people must be careful when looking at the devices they want to purchase. If people are looking for digital printing capabilities, they would best be fit to find something a bit more technologically advanced than a traditional heat press.

However, for those who already have the designs printed and available, they might only need to get the heat press, which could save them much money ultimately in the end.

How Long Will the Machine Last?

In tandem with the idea that the machine should be capable of moderate production levels, there should also be a discussion of how long they want to wait before purchasing another device. As said, the higher quality of the item, the more likely it will cost, but the more likely it will also be a machine that lasts a bit longer.

Sometimes, a hefty investment upfront generally means that the business will be able to survive with a machine that will last for years instead of one or two.

The Types of T-Shirt Printing Machines Available in the Market

After considering these factors, the next consideration for business owners is to think about the kind of T-shirt printing machines that can be purchased. A few different varieties will be discussed in this article: screen printers, direct-to-garment printers, and digital printers. Here are further details about some of these types of T-shirt printing machines and others.

Cylindrical Screen Printers

These are the most traditional and common for small-scale production and revolve around screen printing. These usually can print on any fabric, including cotton and polyester, and they also use various inks. These are the best for those who want more variety in their small business capabilities rather than stick to one type of printing overall.

Direct-to-Garment Printing for Digital Designs

The next printing process machine uses specialized software that prints directly onto the fabric. There is no transfer step like a screen printer, and it uses special links. This is easy for small designs and details and even short-run orders. These can also print on nonwhite fabrics, and they are great for convenience and ease but can be slightly more expensive than other machines available today.

best t-shirt printer for small business

Print - On - Demand T - Shirt Printers

This printer is used for digital printing and is more affordable for those with smaller businesses or home usage. This uses computer-generated files that help with commercial printing, much like an inkjet printer. This is not for darker nonwhite fabrics and potentially has a lower resolution than others. But it is the least expensive to run and purchase for home or small business use, so this is a popular option.

Digital T - Shirt Printers

This T-shirt printer uses digital printing and can also be used for on-demand orders. It's like a computer printer; the machines can generate an image to put on a screen onto the T-shirt. This uses heat, and the fabric can absorb the ink without a transfer paper. These are great machines and similar to others discussed, but they also offer a wide variety of options for those looking to have different T-shirt printers for their business.

Traditional Heat Press Machine

One of the best T-shirt printing machines is a traditional heat press, which takes the textile and the design and applies heat directly to it; that way, it can transfer seamlessly to the item. These are considered different than other traditional or more common printing machines because these are typically just one solid base and a press that allows heat to be the primary functioning transfer tool. This is likely one of the best options for those looking for a more straightforward design and something that will be easy to use for a small business.

The Best T-Shirt Printing Machines for Small Business in 2022

When finding the best T-shirt printing machines for small business, there are several available, but most of them come from wholesale websites. Here are the top devices found in the industry that small business could benefit from purchasing for themselves this year.

DTF Printer for Cloth Hoodie Customization and T-Shirts

This is a fantastic machine that's available because it allows for customization for hoodies, T-shirts, and several other items. In addition, this provides label printing directly onto the T-shirt. This is an excellent idea for small business looking to upgrade or potentially have a quicker way of seamlessly transferring the heat from their design to their items. Even more importantly, this retails for a lower price than other machines in the industry because it is not as highly technological but more straightforward.

Automatic Height Adjustment Textile Printer

For those who would like a bit more of an advanced machine, this one is one of the best available. The automatic height adjustment textile printer allows the design to be seamlessly and automatically placed directly onto the correct location of the T-shirt or other clothing. This makes it easy for people to do multiple prints and know that no matter what happens, this will enable the business to print perfect shirts consistently.

Digital Transfer Heat Press T-Shirt Printing Machine

The digital transfer heat press T-shirt printing machine is a fantastic choice, and it's a bit more of an upgrade from the traditional heat press mentioned in this article. This one allows for a digital design to be transferred directly through heat, and it can be used for small business and several units of production daily. Even for somebody just starting in the T-shirt printing industry, this could be a fantastic way to get a good machine and get started with great designs that are of higher quality than others.

best affordable t shirt printing machine

Dual Top Speed Logo T-Shirt Printing Machine

For those with a bit more of a higher capacity and need as a business, the dual printing machine for logos and other designs makes it easy to do multiple T-shirts at once or even speed up production. This is a great way to take advantage of time and continue printing items more efficiently throughout the day. Best of all, this uses more traditional techniques and makes it easy for people to get comfortable using this machine, even starting in the industry.

Manual Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts

One of the oldest techniques in the industry is sublimation, which typically uses heat press technology and transfers the ink to the T-shirt using sublimation as a process. This is a fantastic idea that many people will likely benefit from as a small business. Not only are these tried and tested, but they are also some of the most common and can still make high-quality items. They also can withstand a lot of production, so this will be a reliable machine even as the business grows.

Portable Heat Press Machine for T-Shirt Printing

Similar to how people used to make T-shirts with irons or do it on their own, this item is a portable machine for T-shirt printing. This can be a fantastic idea for those who would like something on the go that they can use no matter where they are or even for potentially putting smaller designs and intricacies into the T-shirt material. These are fantastic and often not as popular. Still, these offer a lot of variety in production and portability, which is a significant factor for those looking to travel and make money with T-shirt printing.

Inkjet Printing Machine for T-Shirts

Today's technology allows for more possibilities than just the traditional heat press. One of the most common ideas is to use an inkjet printer, which allows for seamless designs and even higher-quality logos. This can be a fantastic way to upgrade any small business, but it's also essential to know how to use this and ensure that it will withstand the number of T-shirts needed to be printed daily.

8-in-1 Combo Heat Press for T-Shirts and More

For those who would like more variety, this is a fantastic choice and mirrors that of the portable machine that has previously been discussed. With a multi-functional design, this can be used on many different textiles and makes it simple for those who would like to expand their business into other materials to be able to do so with only one product. This is a great idea that many people haven't thought of. Still, it can produce significant profitability and is considered one of the best T-shirt printing machines for small business.

Mini T-Shirt Printing Heat Press Machine

Similar to the previous machine, this one is a mini version and allows for T-shirt printing, hoodie printing, and more. This is not as multi-functional as the combo machine. However, these many T-shirt printing machines still add a lot of variety and opportunities for those looking to expand and create additional capabilities for themselves in this industry. As such, people should take note of this machine and apply it to their business, even if they are small business just starting in the industry.

Which Machine Best Fits Your Business Needs?

The best t-shirt printing machine for your small business needs will depend on the type of printing you plan to do, the volume of printing you plan to do and your budget. If you plan to do a lot of printing, you may want to invest in a higher-end machine that can handle larger volumes. If you plan to do smaller runs, a digital printer may be more suitable. Additionally, you should consider the type of printing you plan to do, as some machines are better suited for certain types of printing than others.

After you define your business mode, make next step to wholesale from your satisfied supplier on our platform.

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