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How to Find Reliable OEM China factory?

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By Celinelee on Dec 24, 2019
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This article intends to tell you how to organize perfect teams if you are entrusted manufacturer, how to measure OEM China factories, how to establish a complete product sample book, how to ensure strict inspection procedures, how to complete a complete inspection reference book and how to complete the inspection report.

If you are an entrusted manufacturer of promotional gift, you need to establish a professional promotional gift research and design team before seeking for an OEM China factory; Meanwhile, you need to have a quality control team. Professional product research team should grasp market need, have smart insights and design products satisfying to promotion according to promotion plan. Professional product control team needs to select out right factory according to manufacturing craftsmanship of entrusted processing types and quality control standard. Then cooperate with factory and make sure quality products can be handled in time.

Christmas gift made by China OEM factory

Before finding reliable OEM China factory, you must have China factory lists and know how to buy directly from China. Then pick out appropriate factory and cooperate. Read the following three basic aspects for measuring OEM factory :

(1) Inspect the capital of the production plant.

Including the types of goods produced in the factory, the Chinese and English names, the location, the number of employees, the equipments, performance, capabilities, and whether the company has cooperated with well-known brand in the previous cooperations.

Take YKO as an example: If you sell the "Snowman Blanket", when you select a factory, you have made a full inspection of the basic information of the production factory: Knowing that the factory is specialized in producing textile products, have a production scale of 500 people, two imported automatic production lines, more than 400 sewing machines, 15 cutting machines, 20 inspection tables, 50% of the factory's products are for Europe, the United States, 30% for Japan, 20% for Southeast Asia and South Korea, etc. Ability of cutting off and sewing arrives to 30,000pcs / day.
(2) Evaluate the production environment and capabilities of OEM factory.

The evaluation here includes the evaluation of the employee's environment (such as the employee's education level, job proficiency and etc), the evaluation of the environment in the factory and the evaluation of production performance.

Take YKO as an example: The assessment of employee environment refers to the proportion of Japanese employees who know the local language in the factory and the proportion of local employees who know Japanese; The environment in the factory includes whether there are air-conditioning equipment and insect-proof equipment in the production area, cleaning status and etc; Production performance refers to the performance of products produced for Japan.

Delivery time is also a key indicator when considering OEMs. Generally, promotional gifts have strict schedules. If they are not delivered in time, no matter how good the quality is, it is useless. This requires the inspection and evaluation of the historical records of the OEM's production capacity and delivery time. If there is a risk of delay, it must be cautious to select.

(3) Evaluation benchmark.

Establish comprehensive evaluation benchmarks. According to the previous two categories of evaluation items, the score standards for each item and the proportion of the total score are formulated. For example, according to the registered capital of the factory, the composition of employees, production performance and etc. Different assessment content gives different scores, plus and minus points are set, finally a comprehensive score is obtained. The plant with the highest overall score is the target of preference.

Take YKO as an example: You implement a 5-level judgement, with the highest level being 5 and gradually decreasing from 5 to 1. 2. After preparing a professional product quality reference book and completing the evaluation of the OEM factory, you can determine the factory that meets the requirements. The next step is to draw up a professional quality reference book, which requires inspection items, inspection methods, judgment criteria and relevant remarks. The quality benchmark must be detailed. And use this as the basis for inspection standards.

Take YKO as an example: The product "Snowman Blanket" has been tested for its fastness to dyeing. Wash JIS L.

In method 0844A-2, it is bad if it discolors and discolors more than level 4 and pollution level 3 or more; In sweat JIS0848 method, it is bad if it discolors and discolors more than level 4 pollution level 3 or more pollution. For light resistance, light exposure of Level 3 or higher is defective; Friction JISL0849 is defective if it is dry 3-4 or higher and wet 2-3 or higher. At the same time, there are clear regulations and requirements for the amount of formaldehyde used and the rate of changement in size after drying. 3. Establish a complete and meticulous process flow after the quality benchmark and inspection standards are available, a complete and meticulous process flow can ensure the quality of the product. The process flow has a direct impact on the qualification of the final product.

A complete process flow should be ordered according to different products. For example, a simple and practical aluminum pot, the process flow is not simple. Its process includes: 1. Using aluminum plate as raw material. 2. Use IH as bottom. 3. Press to shape. 4. Cleaning. 5. Sanding inside, increase the strength of inner coating by destroying the inner layer. 6. Check sand. 7. First coat of primer. 8. Place in the oven at about 180 degrees. 9. The second coat of spray paint. 10. Place the oven at about 380 degrees. 11. Cut its edges. 12. Install punch holes at the handles. 13. Installation. 14. Packaging.

Establish a complete product sample book.

The product sample book to be prepared is very complete and needs to include the following aspects.

1. The condition of the outer box, which includes the outer box size. The outer box size also includes the size specified in the style book and the size at the time of final sample inspection. After the size is determined, the outer box printing, material, weight and size should be confirmed and taken pictures for archiving.

2. Precautions of the product body, there are many factors that we need to pay attention. Taking the "Snowman blanket" produced by OEM company as an example, requirement is: put one note paper in each box and put it in the inner box. A piece of gasket, allowing holes generated during printing, not allowed to have stains such as ink on the bezel, slight yellowish stains on the body, gray stains on the letters, snowmen's faces are not allowed dirty, color defects are not allowed, off-line and threading and etc caused by insufficient over-edging (however, if it happens to be the reverse side of the interface, slight flaws are allowed), over-engaged thread is not allowed to come out and poor sewing wire drawing is not allowed, the processing of the edging is not good, no holes are allowed on the body and the weaving seam is not allowed. There is an error of ± 5% on the weight.

Ensure strict inspection procedures.

100% inspection is done by a third party. In addition, the inspection center must have the inspection qualification, determine the inspection method (sampling or full inspection), and have a detailed introduction of the inspection center: including the inspection center name, location, establishment time and etc.

Complete a complete inspection reference book.

A complete inspection reference book, taking YKO as an example, divide into three levels, A level indicates fatal defects, B level indicates serious defects, and C level indicates minor defects. In addition, the treatment of products with different defect levels shall be specified. Manufacturers with too many unqualified products are noted on bad records and listed into blacklisted.

Complete the inspection report.

A complete inspection report should reflect the following aspects: report date, product code, product name, number of storage, order quantity, date of stock-in, date of stock-out, number of inspections, inspection results (including defects before regeneration number, number of regenerations, number of defectives after regeneration, valid number), inspection completion date, inspection items and etc.

blanket made by China OEM factory

Take "Snowman Blanket" as an example: its product code is YKO and its name is "Snowman Blanket".(36 * 1132C / T), quantities of stock-in: 40,752 pieces (36*1132C/T), date of stock-in is Oct.15th, inspection quantities: 40,752 pieces(36*1132C/T), inspection results: 7,676 defectives before regeneration (defective rate 18.83%), 44 regenerations, 7632 defectives after regeneration  (defective rate 18.72%), effective number: 33120, completion date : October 22rd. After checking these basic conditions, we need to carry out a detailed inspection of the other partial parts, including the condition and style of the outer box; the condition of the packaged tote bag and accessories (such as whether they are placed in the instruction manual, whether the card is complete and etc. ); Sewing, needle inspection and other extremely detailed places should also be completely inspected. Finally, complete the inspection report.

Inspect the above process, OEM factories with poor production capacity and poor reputation are eliminated, high-quality OEM factories are selected out.  Only quality OEM factory can manufacture promotional gifts with enough quantities and high quality to ensure realization of corporate promotional effects.

In conclusion, after you read this article, you must know how to find and cooperate with China OEM factory. You will know the differences between cooperating with common factory and OEM factory. Wish you boost your business!

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