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How to Negotiate a Lower Price on Trading

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By Celinelee on Oct 9, 2021
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Negotiations can be challenging, but learning how to negotiate a lower price when trading is fundamental. No matter which industry you operate in, finding the best price for your item is always the goal, as you want to find a deal that suits both you and the seller.

Whether you buy in bulk or try to get a small selection of items, there are several ways that you can negotiate a lower price. Whether you already know how to deal or not, there is a great advantage that you'll have if you know the proper steps and methods to enter into this kind of discussion appropriately.

In this article, we're going to talk about negotiating a lower price on trading. Then, we will go through the importance of bargaining and some steps that you can take to become an expert negotiator and prepare for any interaction you have with the seller.

By the end of this article, you'll feel comfortable enough to negotiate with anyone and everyone, and you'll be confident in your ability to find the perfect deal for your products and within your budget.

how to negotiate a lower price

The Importance of Negotiating

You might think negotiating is a little bit challenging or perhaps not too important, but there are many reasons why negotiation is significant for you and your business. Negotiating is a simple skill that all businessmen and women should learn. 

One of the first reasons is that you can find an excellent place for you and the seller that you're working with, and you also ensure that you're on the same page with the partnership. This helps make smoother discussions and smoother sales for you both.

Learning how to negotiate a lower price does much more than ensuring a great partnership.  This also helps you ensure profitability for your company and for the product you want to sell. It prevents buying something that will potentially put you in financial difficulty after an intense negotiation session, which can happen if you are not careful. You have to budget and know your finances, just as much as you have to respect your seller's desires in the discussion.

If you are new to negotiate, then this article is for you. You can use some tactics and methods to help yourself in the negotiation with your seller and some items that you should avoid if at all possible.  Here are some steps you can take to negotiate effectively and get the deal you desire.

How to Negotiate Effectively

Do Your Research

There is nothing worse than entering into a conversation for negotiation on a price without any research to back up what you're trying to suggest. Therefore, one of the most important things you can do from an industry perspective is to research what you're trying to buy. You need to know what the items are supposed to cost, as well as any shortages that might have been possible in recent weeks.

Additionally, researching will also allow you to offer a fair negotiation price. As you're learning how to negotiate a lower price, you need to appeal to the seller. If you find that you're offering prices that the seller will not account for because it's too low or below the average for the industry, you won't likely score many deals. However, if you learn how to research the correct information, you'll impress the sellers and score great deals on trading.

how to ask for a lower price

Know When to Start Negotiating

From the moment you start talking about prices to the moment you end the sale, you will end up negotiating, but it's essential to recognize the appropriate time. You don't just start with negotiations from the very beginning.

This will make sellers feel that you do not value the discussion of the product firstly before you get into the prices. You don't have to have a significantly long conversation engaging in small talk and other friendly cities, but you need to know when to start negotiating.

When you gather the information about the product you're looking to purchase, you can ask for the price, and then the negotiation begins. However, if the seller has already offered a lower price than others, you might not want to negotiate.

You might not like to arrange around specific times of the year, especially peak season. Holidays in other parts of the year might be a little bit busier for the products that you're looking to buy, which is why you should learn how to negotiate a lower price and when is the appropriate time to bring this up.

Understand Their Perspective

Another essential part of the negotiation is to understand the seller's perspective that you're working with. Negotiations are interesting because you have to vouch for what you are looking to procure out of the situation, but you also want to appeal to the other party.

So putting yourself in the seller’s shoes will help you understand what they're likely dealing with, what they desire at a price for the products they're selling, and some of the other concerns they might have regarding the deal you're discussing. 

More importantly, creating good relationships with your sellers is also significantly crucial to build your network. Whether you've been in trading for dozens of years or if you're starting, negotiating with the right tactic and understanding how sellers might feel about specific points made in those negotiations is incredibly important.

It helps you gain their respective sellers and potentially find long-term partnerships for products you're looking to sell in future. This is how to negotiate a lower price and earn the respect of a potential seller that you could work within the long term.

how to bargain for lower price

Know Your Budget

This is, above all, one of the essential factors of negotiations. Unfortunately, this happens to be what many people often fail to consider before discussing with the seller. If you're looking to get a lower price for an item, you also want to make sure that the price fits your budget.

Therefore, it's essential to know how to negotiate for a lower price and exactly how low or how high you can go with a specific price. You don't want to deal and end up without gaining any profits due to your decision.

As a business owner or seller, you have to find out the proper budget. This accounts for the seller as well. If you understand the importance of the budget on both sides of the discussion, you'll be able to respect the fact that the negotiation begins at all. You have to make the agreement work for you, but you also need to make it work for your checkbook.

Ask for a Deal on Larger Orders

Asking for a deal from the seller right away is usually a fault. Still, if you're ordering a bulk order or something that's generally larger than the order usually accounts for, you might be able to score a deal.

It depends on the seller and the level of comfort you have with negotiation on this subject, but you can ask for an exchange or discount depending on how much you order. This is relatable for bulk trading and other items, as these are generally sent out in hundreds of articles for smaller products sold. 

Asking for a deal is an integral part of learning how to negotiate a lower price and earn the seller's respect. As long as you're able to justify the value and you feel that you’re ordering a quantity that is large enough, you can likely continue to do this over and over again with the right sellers and continue to save money on your products.

Be Assertive and Honest

There is nothing worse than entering into a discussion with somebody and realizing that they have not been entirely truthful or have an ulterior motive. In the trading world, it is considered a fault to be secretive or to avoid giving information to people, especially those with whom you're going into business. However, if you want to learn how to negotiate a lower price effectively, you need to be assertive and honest.

You shouldn't just accept the first offer that someone gives you, but you shouldn't be too aggressive with your commentary. Sellers can smell this from a mile away, which is likely going to be a problem if you cannot curb this. However, as long as you are assertive and honest with what you need, people will respect that and often work to find a middle ground in negotiation.

Be Willing to Walk

This one might shock many people, but you likely will be seen as an effective negotiator if you're willing to walk away from a deal if it's not what you're looking for. Many people end up in the same position in the art of negotiation because they try very hard to find a middle ground, but it's just not reaching the point that they would like to be.

When effectively showing all of your goals out of the negotiation, you will be seen as knowing how to negotiate a lower price effectively if you walk away when the seller does not try to find a middle ground.

You don't always have to make a deal, and you don't always have to stay in the art of negotiation if it's not working. Some sellers are tricky, and sometimes trading negotiations are challenging because people have their budgets and their quotation that they have to meet.

When you walk away, you might even find products within your price range and with sellers that are more likely to try to find a middle ground with you to secure the deal. The general rule of thumb is not to settle for the first offer you get and don't be willing to pay for any offer unless you have unreasonably high expectations for your negotiation.

how to ask for a cheaper price

Let Them Start The Negotiations

One way to truly master how to negotiate a lower price is to let the seller start the negotiations. It is often a sign of goodwill and good faith that you ask them which price they're willing to sell at, and then they'll tell you. This also allows you to see what limits they offer and how much you can lower the price. Often, when they speak firstly about the price, this instills more trust in you as the buyer.

It also makes it significantly less awkward if you were to offer a lower price and know what the seller is working to provide you. Negotiations are about understanding each other's perspectives.

If you make the first move and offer a price before the seller does, it generally is not as positively seen as if the seller is making the first price offering themselves. If you keep this in mind, you likely will have more smooth negotiations.

Don’t Take Things Personally

Last but not least, the essential part of the negotiation is not to take it personally. In our impression, to negotiate moq price is very important, but many new buyers cannot arrive to the moq. Thus, to negotiate a lower price with the purchasing quantity is very necessary, you can't take anything personally because it is simply business.

Negotiations are meant to be difficult because both people are trying to find a middle ground for what they truly want out of the situation. Negotiating is not about just getting the deal you wish  but finding the best deal. It can sometimes feel like the seller might be against you as you're trying to figure out a specific value. 

Just as with anything in business, it's essential not to take it personally. Business is business, and with negotiations, you have to go in there objectively and attempt to find a middle ground.

If you work to try to solve the dilemma, then you'll be able to walk out with the seller with a deal that both of you feel pretty positively about. So part of learning how to negotiate a lower price is also learning how to approach business discussions more appropriately.


Negotiations do not have to be challenging, but if you learn how to take practical steps to work with the seller you're trading with, it will be infinitely more accessible. Negotiation is an art that many people have to work at, which is why you might take a little bit of time to learn how to negotiate a lower price with people that you do business with.

However, as long as you're willing to continue to learn and continue working together with the seller that you're trading with, you will find great deals and great opportunities for you and your business.

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