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Selecting products guide: 8 best products to buy from China

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By Celinelee on May 6, 2021
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This guide will help you select the best products to buy from China. The goal of this article is to take you through every step, making it a quick, easy and enjoyable process. It begins by explaining some of the best items that you can purchase, giving an overview of each product, to help you understand the reasons that they are so popular. You will recognize many of the products that are spoken about, as they are bought by people all over the world, spoken about and regularly advertised, which is why they are such a great purchase. After listing the best products, this article goes on to explain the steps that you should take to make sure you purchase the most suitable products and that you are happy with the decision you have made. It then features the most important questions that you should ask your supplier before agreeing to work with them, in order to make sure they can meet your needs. When you have finished reading, you will know everything that is necessary to make a purchase decision, feeling confident in your choice without having to worry.

The best products to buy from China

This list includes the best products to buy from China, as well as giving relevant information about each one. Read the descriptions to learn more about every product and the different types that are available.

1. Cheongsam wedding gown

The Cheongsam wedding gown is a popular product that is bought by many people. Originating in China, this is known to be one of the most attractive items of clothing and one of the best products to buy from China.

Many women purchase these beautiful items to wear on their wedding day. They bring elegance and beauty to any wedding and are available in a range of styles and colors. Typically made from silk or cotton, they are comfortable and look luxurious, making them the perfect piece of clothing to wear.

The most popular colors of Cheongsam wedding gowns are red and white, due to this being the traditional choice to wear when getting married. Often, they will be red with silver and gold embroidery, adding fine detail to the material. These beautiful types of wedding gown are sometimes referred to as a qipao, being long in length and following the shape of the body.

Often, a cheongsam is a significant investment, as people want to buy a gown that will look incredible in pictures and make them proud when they look back at their special day.

China cheongsam

2. Dumplings

Dumplings are delicious food that are loved by those all around the world. As most countries in the world have begun to try new cuisines and enjoy food from other cultures, the dumpling has become a very popular purchase in restaurants around the world.

Many people buy dumplings from China, as they are created to a great standard and can be produced in mass. This makes it easier and more affordable to buy large quantities of delicious dumplings, knowing that you can trust the quality. People buy them to re-sell, or even to cook for their own restaurants.

There is a wide range of dumplings that can be bought. Some have fillings that are made from vegetables, meaning they are suitable for vegetarians. Others have different fillings, such as prawn or pork. The large number of different types of dumplings means there are ones available to suit any type of preferences.

It is also possible to purchase dumplings or gyozas in different forms, whether they are frozen and uncooked, ready to be cooked, or others that have been cooked and then frozen, meaning they only need reheating. It depends on the person purchasing them which type that they buy. Many prefer to buy frozen dumplings because they can be stored for long periods of time, meaning you do not have to worry about them going out of date or being unsafe to eat. This also takes the pressure off having to sell or consume them very quickly to avoid wasting the money you have spent buying them.

China dumplings

3. Hanfu

Hanfu is a popular type of clothing worn by many people. Many feel that wearing hanfu is an important part of Chinese culture, wearing it proudly to show off their heritage. The elegant style of clothing is well known throughout China, as well as around the world. It stands out from other types of clothing and can be bought in many different colors, creating plenty of choice with some including patterns, embroidery, or more simple, pastel colors.

There have been many modern types of hanfu that have been designed, with people celebrating the traditional type of clothing by wearing it, taking pictures in it and helping to grow its awareness again.

The popularity of this beautiful style of clothing has grown significantly around the world, which has resulted in more people looking to buy hanfu. One of the biggest sources of global publicity was when Vogue magazine published an article on modern hanfu, explaining that it is a ‘type of dress from any era when Han Chinese ruled’, as well as reporting that the styles based on Ming, Tang and Song periods are the ones that are particularly popular.

China Hanfu

4. China knots

China knots are one of the best products to buy from China. They are made by many different manufacturers, so they can be purchased in large quantities and from a range of different places.

The china knot is used to ward off evil spirits, making it a symbol of eternity and longevity. They play a large role in Chinese New Year, being given as good luck charms. Often purchased by people for themselves, or as a gift for others, these are bought in large quantities, meaning the demand is high for them.

Usually, they are made from red material, making them a very recognizable and popular product to buy, with many people having multiple China knots.

China knots

5. Porcelain

Porcelain is a type of ceramic material, which is used regularly and purchased worldwide. The large amount of awareness and publicity means that it is a desirable purchase. For many, they see porcelain as beautiful art. It is quite a strong material and looks attractive, being used for items that are adored or used for special occasions.

Porcelain industry is prosperous. It can have many uses, including ornaments that are made from porcelain, chopsticks and even plates. The wide range of products that can be made from porcelain means there are options that are suited to any person or business. For example, some have patterns on them, some are different sizes and some even come in sets, such as a teacup and plate set. All of these are items that are bought in large quantities and can be easily transported when packaged to protect them.

China Porcelain

6. China tea

This great product is loved throughout China, as well as in many other countries around the world. China tea is used to create a delicious drink that is enjoyed by many people.

There are different forms of China tea, however loose tea is the most common type. This is infused with water to create the well known drink.

People drink tea at home, at friend’s houses, at work and in restaurants, meaning it is a product that almost everybody purchases. People may choose to store large quantities that will last for a long time, which is why this is such a great investment for anybody looking for one of the best products to buy from China.

China tea

7. Oiled paper umbrella

The oiled paper umbrella is the traditional type of umbrella. These luxurious looking umbrellas are made to impress. As well as being used to provide shade from the sun and rain, they are traditional wedding items, being bought for many different occasions.

They regularly have beautiful patterns and colors on them, with red being a popular colour, however there are many others. Flower patterns and other elegant designs are found on many oiled paper umbrellas. Their unique look is easily recognizable and their design means that they can last for a long time, helping them to look beautiful while being used.

These products can be bought in a range of different sizes, depending on the purpose that they will be used for. As an example, if the buyer is looking for minimal protection from bright sunlight, a smaller oiled paper umbrella will be perfect.

Oiled paper umbrella

8. Embroidery

Embroidery is a decorative type of sewing done by machine. It creates a design, meaning different items can be bought that are embroidered, or you can even buy embroidery that can be attached to items.

Often, embroidery is found on cushions, curtains and clothing, adding texture to items that would otherwise look similar to many other products. Usually, it is done on linen, cotton or polyester materials as these are the easiest to do it on, however it can also be done on the likes of hemp or bamboo.

China embroidery

How to select the best products to buy from China

This guide explains 8 of the best products to buy from China, as they are well known and popular products. This is a great place to begin your research, comparing different types of each one of these products and seeing which you like best.

Once you have chosen a product that you are interested in purchasing, here are some of the points that you should consider. If you can’t find the answers, ask the supplier to make sure you fully understand how the ordering process works:

1. What is the minimum order quantity?

You must be able to fulfil the minimum order quantity, so choose a supplier that can supply the amount that you need.

2. What is the supplier’s maximum capacity?

If you are purchasing products to sell and they begin selling a lot faster than you expected, you need to be ready to purchase more stock. You should discuss the maximum order capacity before choosing a supplier, making sure that they can change the quantity and how often they can send more products.

3. What is the price?

This essential piece of information can guide a decision, as whatever you choose must be affordable. Understand the price per item and make sure it is within your budget. If it is too expensive, you should look for alternative items.

4. What are your objectives?

You should have an idea of what you want. Think about your target market or customers, as well as your preferences. Consider carrying out market research to understand the kind of products that sell best. This information can influence the colors, types and sizes of products that you buy, as well as the initial order quantity. If your aim is to test a market that you do not know much about, it is best to go for a more safe product, that you believe sells well and is bought by a wide range of people, as well as one that will last for a long time, so your investment is as safe as possible.

5. What is the delivery time?

Another point to think about when looking for the best products to buy from China is the delivery time. To have satisfied customers, you must be able to receive the order in a suitable amount of time. Every person will have their own requirements, but this is important to think about. As an example, if you want to buy a large quantity, receive it and then send it on to customers, you may end up with unhappy customers if you are waiting three months for your order to arrive.

6. How much space does it require?

When buying large quantities of products, you need to have storage space. Whether it is at home, or in a warehouse, you must understand the size of the products, as well as the way that they are packaged to make sure you have space for them. Some products may be individually packaged, while others may come in crates that require certain amounts of space.


This article has listed the 8 best products to buy from China. You should now have a great amount of information to get you started on your journey to purchasing the best products. You should also understand some of the main considerations and questions to ask your supplier, to make sure you are able to create a successful relationship with them and be happy with the products that you receive.

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