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Ten tips you should know if you are importing products from China

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By Celinelee on Nov 1, 2021
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This article will reveal ten tips that you should know about if you are importing products from China. It begins by looking at the reason that so many people choose to do this and how it becomes such a popular option. It then lists some of the biggest benefits of importing from China, including the ability to mass produce, to choose from an enormous range of products and suppliers, to keep costs competitive and do this cheaper than anywhere else in the world, to have items manufactured quickly and to buy high quality products. The next section explains some of the things that you should be aware of when importing from China, before listing ten top tips that you should look out for, making sure the process of importing goes as smoothly as possible. These tips include understanding your objectives and priorities, using trusted platforms and companies, understanding laws and regulations, declaring imports, making sure the quality and delivery meets your needs and getting all the paperwork organised for a smooth running process. By following these tips, you can enjoy a great experience of importing products, getting all of the benefits while minimising the challenges. It really can be that easy.

Why is importing products from China so popular?

China has become known for its production capabilities around the world. Many of the world’s biggest and best brands and businesses have become successful by purchasing products from China and selling them in their own countries.

As more people have started doing this, it has become accepted as the most suitable way to have items made and transported. In addition to this, there are ‘made in China’ labels on countless items around the world. This has helped to grow publicity, making more people aware than ever before. Because it has become such a common method of having items produced, more people are looking to do this and import the products that they need, instead of having them made closer to home.

The reason for this becoming so popular is the many different benefits that it brings. These will now be explored in the next section.

importing products from China

What are the benefits of importing products from China?

1. Mass production

The production capabilities of manufacturers in China means you can place large scale orders without it becoming a problem. Whether you are looking to import one particular product, or many different types, you can find businesses able to help you.

Because these suppliers have the ability to keep up with large orders, this means it is perfect for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to scale up and down orders as required.

2. Choice of products

Another benefit of importing products from China is the enormous choice of products, giving you access to items that might not be available in your own country. Whatever sector you want to buy products in, you will be able to find a supplier that can manufacture what you need. This makes it easier to choose a supplier that has products you need, as well as having experience in importing products.

3. Reasonable costs

One of the benefits that is mentioned most often is the price of products from China. These are more reasonable in comparison to having them made in other countries, which is why so many choose to order from Chinese manufacturers and have them imported to wherever they need. The lower cost per item typically means that even with shipping costs to overseas countries all over the world, it is still cheaper to do this than to have them produced in other countries.

The low costs per unit make it possible to start out with lower budgets, or even order larger quantities for less money. This is a benefit for people and businesses of all sizes, as it allows for a greater profit margin.

4. Fast timelines

In China, manufacturing is organised to be as efficient as possible. Suppliers have production lines which are designed to create items quickly, allowing large quantities to be produced in short periods of time.

This means that orders can be completed quickly from the time of order, reducing the amount of time it takes for products to be ready to be shipped.

5. Quality products

Products that are made in China can also be created to the highest quality. It is worth remembering that this depends on your choice of supplier, however there are many different manufacturers that can create high quality products on a mass scale.

6. Plenty of manufacturers to choose from

The large number of different manufacturers means that you have plenty of different options to choose from. This is great news as it means you can be picky and make sure the one that you choose can meet your requirements, and then have these products imported.

profitable products to import from China

What do you need to be aware of?

Without the right knowledge, importing products from China can become confusing and even costly in some cases. If a person or business does not properly prepare to import these products, they can end up with long delays in transit, changing delivery costs, additional fees and a lot of time spent trying to correct the situation.

To make sure you do not face any unnecessary challenges, it is key to do your research and follow a structured approach to find the right supplier.

Ten tips for importing products from China

We will now look at ten tips for importing products from China.

1. Plan your objectives

The first step is to work out what you want to achieve by importing products from China. This can include whether you want to buy in bulk for a lower cost, or if you want to buy items that cannot be purchased in your own country.

It is important to take this step to make sure you remain focused on your objectives throughout the process of choosing a supplier.

2. Use a trusted platform

Without a trusted platform, you can end up with a lack of organisation and unreputable manufacturers. It’s important to choose a platform that has a choice of suppliers so you can work with multiple ones, or even change if you want to do this. This is also a great way to give yourself confidence in the supplier you choose and make sure they are aware of the importing process.

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3. Decide the products that you want to buy

If you are importing products from China, it is key to know which products you want to buy. With so many to choose from, you should base this on research and an understanding of your objectives.

Once you have made a decision, you should make a note of this. This includes the type of product and any specific features, such as colour or size.

4. Make sure your products are legal

One of the vital pieces of research that you must carry out when importing from China is that you are following the law.

Ensure the products that you are purchasing are legal in the country if you intend to import. Certain countries have their own rules and regulations for products, with some items being banned. If you import products that are illegal, you can end up in lots of trouble with the police, as well as typically losing the contents of your shipment, which results in significant sums of money being lost. To avoid legal issues and losing stock, take this step ahead of time and get all necessary paperwork completed.

5. Research multiple suppliers

When you know the type of product that you want to import from China, it’s time to start researching different suppliers. Shop around and make sure you don’t just settle for the first one that you see, as there are so many for you to choose from.

Look at the types of products that suppliers sell and create a list of those that you believe are suitable.

most imported products from China

6. Choosing the right supplier

Next, you need to take the steps to choose who you will import them through. Use your research to work out which ones are most suitable. Take note of the types of transportation they will use, as well as how long it takes for the goods to reach you. It is also a wise idea to choose manufacturers that have some awareness of importing products, as they will be able to recommend trusted delivery companies that can help to import them, guiding you along the way.

7. Declare any imports that you need to follow

Make sure you follow any protocols in customs. Again, this depends on the country that you are importing from and into, but this key information will play a huge role in the things that you must organise to receive the products.

8. Check legalities

There are many different laws around the world in relation to importing products from China. Being aware of this is vital to make sure your shipment arrives without any issues.

Some countries require an import licence to import goods from China. For example, this is required to get products from China into the UK. Check if you need one of these and get one if required.

Other things that you may require include a commodity code, which is a ten digit number that is required in some countries when filling out customs paperwork.

Taxes and duties should also be understood, including whether or not you need to pay import VAT and duty on products for them to be imported.

Make sure you check all necessary types of paperwork and checks that must be done before receiving your shipment.

9. Make sure the quality and delivery meets your criteria

It is often worth doing a test run to make sure you can import the products that you need and that it goes smooth. Doing this can help you to sort out any issues before ordering a large shipment.

This also gives you the opportunity to test products and see how they arrive. The benefit of this is that you can use a first trial run to check you are happy with the items you are importing. Often, paying attention to the packaging and the state that products arrive in is important, making sure they are protected enough in transit and that they look great when they arrive. Remember, they must arrive in a great condition, otherwise it will affect your ability to use or sell them when you receive them.

By committing to a smaller order, it reduces the risk of importing products that you do not like, losing the shipment in transit due to failing to meet importation laws, or finding out any other negative information on a larger investment.

best items to import from China

10. Place your order

Once you know you are happy with the products that you want to import and you have checked that you have everything in place for them to make it to your country successfully, it is time for the fun bit… placing the order and importing products from China.

Why these steps are important

While it may take a little more time to get everything in place and do in-depth research, this is key to stop you making mistakes, investing into products that are not suitable, or ones that will not make it through the process of importing them.

Making sure you have considered every stage of importing will give you confidence and peace of mind, making sure you know what to expect and trusting that your shipment will arrive when you need, and in a suitable condition.

The risk of not thinking about these tips is that you end up spending large amounts of time and money trying to fix issues along the way, which can cause delays and damage business and reputation along the way.

Get started

You now have plenty of information to get started and know the tips that you should consider when importing products from China. All that is left to do now is to get started.

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