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Disperse-Cationic Turquoise Blue SD-GB, Basic Blue 3

FOB Price: US $10 / Grams
Min. Order: 100 Grams
Key Specifications/Special Features: Category: Dyestuffs and pigments Disperse-cationic turquoise blue SD-GB Basic blue 3 We mainly produce disperse dyes, reactive dyes, ...

Coating Rutile TiO2 Price Titanium Dioxide

FOB Price: $2150 - $2350 / Ton
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Characteristics SK-6658 is an aluminum inorganic and organic surface treated rutile titanium dioxide. It has average particle size distribution, blue undertone, good ...

High Quality Dyestuff for Polyester--Disperse Violet 26 Disperse Violet Fbl for Textile ...

FOB Price: $20 - $35 / kg
Min. Order: 100 kg
Product Description Basic Information: Specification: 1) C.I. disperse no.: Disperse Violet 26 2) Light (Xenon): 6-7 3) Washing (60 °C): 4-5 4) Sublimation (180 °C): ...

Basic Violet 1

FOB Price: US $7.9 / kg
Min. Order: 100 kg

Sodium Alginate Textile and Printing Grade High Viscosity

FOB Price: $6000 - $10000 / Ton
Min. Order: 1 Ton
BASIC INFORMATION Product name: Sodium alginate Application: Textile Dyeing Industry Function: Thickener MF: C5H7O4COONa Place of Origin: Qingdao, China Certification: SGS ...

Textile Printing Grade Sodium Alginate

FOB Price: $1000 - $9000 / Yard
Min. Order: 1 Yard
COMPANY PROFILE Shandong Topsea seaweed industrial co., LTD. was established in 2009, It is located in the bridgehead of the Eurasian continent. It is a professional company which ...

Dyestuff: Direct Red (23) for Paper and Textile

FOB Price: US $5 / KG
Min. Order: 1 Ton
DIRECT RED 23 / DIRECT FAST SCARLET 4BS Classification (SDC): B Light (Xenon): 2-3 Washing: 3 (Rubbing): Dry: 3 Wet: 2 [Applications]: The direct dyes are widely used ...

Industrial Grade Rutile Titanium Dioxide Rutile TiO2 (R-160)

FOB Price: US $2020 / Ton
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Rutile titanium dioxide TiO2 R-160 Product Features: 1. It's produced by adopting of foreign advanced production tech refer to imported highest grade rutile type sample. ...

High Quality Titanium Dioxide Rutile

FOB Price: US $1800 / Ton
Min. Order: 16 Tons
titanium dioxide Application 1, High-level Solvent Type coating, industrial paints. 2, High gloss paints for interior and exterior wall. 3, Industrial paints. 4, Surface ...

Yipin Inorganic Pigment Powder S130 Iron Oxide Red for Color Paving Brick

FOB Price: $1200 - $1400 / Ton
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Yipin Pigments Powder S130 Iron Oxide Red Iron Oxide Red Powder Brief Introduction: 1, in the building materials industry is mainly used for cement ...

Metal Complex Solvent Dyes Yellow 4gn Solvent Yellow 146

FOB Price: US $52.5 / KG
Min. Order: 100 KG
TECHNICAL DATA SHEET TDS Product Name: Solvent Yellow 4GN (Solvent Yellow 146) Code: SY146-4GN Countertype: Yellow 4GN,(ALBION COLOURS)Bricosol Yellow K3GN;(AVECIA)Lampronol ...

Acid & Alkali Resist Unleaded Glass Colors for Glassware

FOB Price: $20 - $220 / kg
Min. Order: 5 kg
6000 series acid & alkali resist unleaded glass colors 1. This series contains no lead, and only 6032, 6033 and 6064 contain cadmium, all other colors are cadmium free. ...

Reactive Blue Knr / Reactive Blue 19 for Cotton Fabric Dyeing and Printing, for Jeans ...

FOB Price: US $10 / kg
Min. Order: 200 kg
Reactive Dyestuff Reactive Blue 19 It can be use for dyeing and printing of cotton fabric. We are also dealing with below items:

Carbon Black 989 Substitute for Orion 50L

FOB Price: $2500 - $4500 / kg
Min. Order: 680 kg
Carbon Black 989 is an inorganic black pigment of which is insoluble in non-oxidizing media. Manufacturing at temperatures of over 1000 °C in an oxygen reduced atmosphere ...

Mirror Effect Leafing Aluminium Aluminum Paste for Inks

FOB Price: $2.45 - $3.86 / kg
Min. Order: 25 kg
iSuo Chem® Aluminum paste has wide range of product series including: Leafing aluminum paste, non-leafing aluminum paste, waterborne aluminum paste and powder, electroplate ...

Factory Price White Pigment Titanium Dioxide Anatase/Rutile TiO2 Titanium Dioxide for ...

FOB Price: $2800 - $3000 / Ton
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Titanium Dioxide is widely used aqueous and solvent-based exterior paints, electro-deposition paints, plastics, rubber, printing ink, high quality paper, waxed paper and leather ...

Dye Intermediate 1, 9-Pyrazoloanthrone for Vat Dyes CAS No. 129-56-6 High Quality ...

FOB Price: $44.3 - $63.2 / kg
Min. Order: 500 kg
Appearance: yellow green powder. Moisture :≤1% PH :6.0-7.0 Melting Point : 283ºC Major usage: Dye intermediates for vat dyes.

Skyblue Light Glow in The Dark Powder Pigment

FOB Price: $31.53 - $36.92 / kg
Min. Order: 1 kg
Product Description Features: Luminescent pigment(Glow in the dark) are self-luminous products made of alkaline earth aluminates or silicates doped with rare earth. ...

Red 57: 1 Pigment for Coatings, Plastics (HC Red 4BP)

Min. Order: 100 kg
OUR PROFILO Hangzhou Han-Color Chemical Co., Ltd is an reliable manufacturer and trader specialized in research, development and production of pigments, both organic and ...

Standard Non Leafing Aluminium Paste Pigment for General Industrial

FOB Price: $2850 - $3100 / Ton
Min. Order: 1 Ton
STANDARD NON-LEAFING ALUMINIUM PASTE Characteristics STANDARD NON-LEAFING is produced specially for protective coatings. The technology adopted allows our grades to impart good ...

China Advanced Wholesale Top Quality Water Based Pigment Paste Manufactory

FOB Price: US $10 / kg
Min. Order: 1000 kg
1. Product Description Our high density Pigment paste dispersions adopts special processing technology, through precision grinding. This type is widely used in polyurethane ...

High Quality Leather Dye Nigrosine Black 2 (Acid Black 2)

FOB Price: $5.75 - $5.8 / Bag
Min. Order: 100 Bags
Product Name: Acid Black 2 C.I. No.: 50420 CAS No.: 8005-03-6 Molecular Formula: C22H14N6O9S2-3.2[NA] Molecular Weight: 616.49 Shade:Black Relative name: Acid Black No ...

Titanium Dioxide Food Grade Factory Supplier F-200

Min. Order: 1 Ton
Product Name: Titanium Dioxide( food grade ) F-200 Molecular Formula: TiO2 Molecular Weight: 79.90 Substance status: white powder Properties of Food grade Titanium ...

Mica Powder Supplier Ultra-Fine Shimmer Synthetic Soap Mica Powder

FOB Price: $190 - $420 / Ton
Min. Order: 15 Tons
mica powder supplier ultra-fine shimmer synthetic soap mica powder Synthetic mica is also known as fluorophlogopite. It is prepared by high temperature melt cooling and ...

R-5566 Rutile TiO2 for Universal Grade Use

Min. Order: 10 Tons
Applications Interior & Exterior paint, emulsion paint, powder coating, ink, paper, rubber, plastic and masterbatch. Detailed Images Product Storage ...

Sulphur Black 100%- 240%

FOB Price: US $1500 / Ton
Min. Order: 5 Tons

Titanium Dioxide Rutile (R-939) for Plastic

FOB Price: US $2020 / Ton
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Rutile titanium dioxide R-939 Product Features: 1. It's produced by adopting of foreign advanced production tech and taken imported high-grade rutile type sample for ...

Permanent Yellow 2GS-T (ORGANIC PIGMENT YELLOW 14) for Gravure Ink, High Transparency

Min. Order: 1 Ton
TECHNICAL DATA SHEET TDS Product Name: PERMANENT YELLOW 2GS-T(PY14) Code: PY14-2GST Countertype: TOYO 1405G C. I. NO.: 21095 CAS NO.: 5468-75-7 EINECS NO.: 226-789-3 ...

High Glossy Solvent Dyes Solvent Red 49 (Oil Red Bn) for Wood Varnish

FOB Price: $22.8 - $23.3 / Bag
Min. Order: 10 Bags
High glossy Solvent Dyes Solvent Red 49( Oil Red Bn) For Wood Varnish Product Name: Solvent red 49 ,Oil Red BN CI NO. 45170:1 CAS NO. 2509-34-2 Chemical Family: xanthene ...

Anatase Titanium Dioxide TiO2 A100 for Universal Use

FOB Price: $1.5 - $1.8 / kg
Min. Order: 500 kg
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Adopted unique technology, the product is characterized by excellent whiteness and opacity, symmetrical distribution of grain size, high tinting strength, high ...
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