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Inner Mongolia
Company Name Membership Rank City Contact Person Date
Baotou Guanying Trading Co., Ltd. rankValue Baotou Sam 2018
Zhalaiteqi Fengqing Mechanical Seal Parts Co., Ltd. rankValue Hinggan Carry 2018
Chengtai Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd, Hanggin Rear Banner rankValue Bayan Nur Xuefeng Zhou 2018
Sino Tomato Products Co., Ltd rankValue Bayan Nur Steven D 2018
Inner Mongolia Xuanda Food Co., Ltd rankValue Bayan Nur Crystal 2018
Wulate Qianqi Jin Yu Chemical Industry Limited Company rankValue Bayan Nur Su Yan 2018
Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Ovonic High-Power Mh/Ni Battery Co., Ltd rankValue Baotou Alice Gao 2018
Huhhot Harmony Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Hohhot Tergel 2018
Broadtech Chemical International Co., Ltd. rankValue Hohhot Xu Qiang 2018
Chifeng Zhaowuda Cashmere Products Co. Ltd rankValue Chifeng Sunny Sun 2018
Baotou Rare Earth Huaxing Technology Co., Ltd. rankValue Baotou Qing Gele 2018
Huhhot Changsheng Logistics Co., Ltd. rankValue Hohhot Yang Zhi Sheng 2018
Hohhot Monva Valve Co., Ltd. rankValue Hohhot Jason Li 2018
Baotouhuaying Fireplace Co. Ltd rankValue Baotou Wang 2018
Bayannaoer Chentai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Bayan Nur Linda 2018
Hangjinhouqi Changshi Food Co., Ltd rankValue Bayan Nur Yangna 2018
Inner Mongolia Huatian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd rankValue Chifeng Li Zhichao 2018
Inner Mongolia Hualite Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. rankValue Baotou Jason Dong 2018
Inner Mongolia Honye Cashmere Products Co., Ltd rankValue Hohhot Apple Liu 2018
Inner Mongolia Chun Xue Cashmere Co., Ltd. rankValue Bayan Nur Armand 2018
Wengniute Zichen Food Co., Ltd rankValue Chifeng Sophie 2018
Bei Ben Trucks Group Co., Ltd. rankValue Baotou Michael 2018
Yakeshi Chenming Wooden Products Co., Ltd. rankValue Hulun Buir Daniel Chen 2018
Inner Mongolia Jiudu Agricultural Trade Co.,Ltd rankValue Bayan Nur Alex 2018
Inner Mongolia Longqing Chemistry Industry Co., Ltd. rankValue Chifeng Junli Ma 2018
Erenhot Zhuoli Trade Co., Ltd rankValue Xilingol Menggenjiya 2017
Baotou Hongbo Te Technology Co., Ltd rankValue Baotou Le Xia 2017
Inner Mongolia Dishengcai Network Technology Co., Ltd rankValue Hohhot Tiffany 2017
Chifeng Sundoo Commercial and Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Chifeng Annie Lee 2017
Pin Qiu Teashop rankValue Ordos Amy Hu 2017