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Company Name Membership Rank Province Contact Person Date
Linyi Nova International Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Shandong Maggie Sun 2018
LEADER (HK) CORPORATION LIMITED rankValue Hebei Richard Yu 2018
Lulink Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Rosalie 2018
Luxsky Lighting Co., Limited rankValue Guangdong Andy 2018
Lucao High Tech Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd rankValue Shandong Sunny Qu 2018
Luoyang Baorui Commercial Trading Co., Ltd. rankValue Henan Chan 2018
Luoyang Silon Industrial Co., Ltd. rankValue Henan Michael 2018
LINYI DEYANG WOOD CO., LTD. rankValue Shandong che 2018
Le Lian International Co., Limited rankValue Guangdong Eilam 2018
LIYANG TONGFU MACHINERY CO., LTD. rankValue Jiangsu Angel 2018
Lantise Home Textile rankValue Guangdong Elaine Li 2018
Linbao Auto Parts Co, Ltd rankValue Guangdong Rose 2018
LINYI KIMA MACHINERY CO., LTD. rankValue Shandong Kalvin 2018
Luoyang Dingding Tungsten and Molybdenum Materials Co., Ltd. rankValue Henan Jick Su 2018
Lanxi Kingway International Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Zhejiang Lockman Wang 2018
Liaoning Grand Raida International Trade Co., Ltd rankValue Liaoning Jason 2018
Ladicar Auto Company rankValue Guangdong Ladicar 2018
Linhai City Borui Leisure Products Co., Ltd. rankValue Zhejiang Casey 2018
L&Y Electric Industries Co., Limited rankValue Guangdong Wang Chengli 2018
Liki Window Systems (DG) Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Allen Zhang 2018
LINYI HAOXING ECONOMIC AND TRADE CO., LTD. rankValue Shandong Cindy Meng 2018
Linyi Nova Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. rankValue Shandong Maggie Sun 2018
Linhai Light Union Co., Ltd. rankValue Zhejiang Sara Wang 2018
Long Yuan Forwarding Co., Ltd. rankValue Shanghai Krystal 2018
Lockey Industrial (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Lucy Lee 2018
LINYI YOUNIKE SAFETY PRODUCTS CO., LTD. rankValue Shandong Kelly 2018
Laizhou Guoliang Packing Products Co., Ltd. rankValue Shandong Weibo Wu 2018
Luohe Chengxin Led Electronics Co., Ltd. rankValue Henan Jennifer Lee 2018
Linyi Raytone Machinery Imp&Exp Co., Ltd. rankValue Shandong Happy Li 2018
Linyi Lefu International Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Shandong Karina 2018

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