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Company Name Membership Rank Province Contact Person Date
Make-up City Ltd rankValue Hong Kong Wu Wen 2018
Mayflay Machinery (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Cennia 2018
Micro-Business Associates Limited rankValue Guangdong Lake 2018
Ming Yuan Watch Technology Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Katherine 2018
Monster Industrial Co., Limited rankValue Zhejiang Cindy 2018
Marina Foods Limited rankValue Shandong Rose Wang 2018
Mindong ShengYuan Electromechanical Co., Ltd. rankValue Fujian Amy 2018
Mengzhou Yixing Fur Products Co., Ltd. rankValue Henan Jade 2018
MSS LED Lighting Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Julie 2018
MOSBON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED rankValue Guangdong Steven Lee 2018
Mitechnic Co., Ltd rankValue Hong Kong Robert Chung 2018
Melson Medical Corporation Limited rankValue Shanghai Henry Fu 2018
MYSTERY Element Limited rankValue Hong Kong Grace Li 2018
Mujia Automation Technology (Shanghai) Company Limited rankValue Shanghai Shams Yin 2018
Means More Co., Limited rankValue Fujian Rock 2018
Masion Electronic Technology Limited rankValue Guangdong Harry Wang 2018
MHBY Import & Export (Shenzhen) Co., Limited rankValue Guangdong Andy Liu 2018
MVP Gift Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Anna Lo 2018
Maystar Electronics and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Michael Chou 2018
Mumu Houseware Co., Ltd. rankValue Zhejiang Mumu 2018
Micvin Building Material Co., Ltd rankValue Hebei Simba Dan 2018
M and A Ceramics Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Levi 2018
Magic Jewelry Manufacturer Limited rankValue Guangdong Cindy Mo 2018
Mermaid's Tears Jewelry Factory rankValue Guangdong Jack Smith 2018
Metalmax Hardware (Zhongshan) Factory rankValue Guangdong Thomas Yang 2018
Movever Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Jack Xu 2018
Maclight Display Co., Limited rankValue Guangdong Kathy Cao 2018
Mingmei Icerink Co., Ltd rankValue Shandong Lukawang 2018
Markevina Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. rankValue Guangdong Martin Xie 2018
Moysun International Group Limited rankValue Fujian Vincent Wang 2018

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