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Company Name Membership Rank City Contact Person Date
51transpreter rankValue Taiyuan Guoyuguang 2018
AGCE Company rankValue Taiyuan Jason Yu 2007
Abby Globle Trade rankValue Datong Abby 2010
Agro-Link International Co., Ltd rankValue Taiyuan Belinda Ji 2014
Agro-Link International Co., Ltd rankValue Taiyuan Steven 2016
Agro-Link International Co., Ltd. rankValue Taiyuan Margrate 2015
Aiplin Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Yuncheng Zhang 2010
Aliisar Glass Art Co., Ltd rankValue Taiyuan Maggie 2015
Amy Brides Inc rankValue Taiyuan Amy 2011
Anaik Asia rankValue Taiyuan Vezin 2007
Anbight Industrial Trading Co., Ltd. rankValue Taiyuan Lily Li 2018
Anpeak Specialty Minerals Co., Ltd rankValue Shuozhou Victor He 2018
Asa International Trading and Consultants rankValue Taiyuan Chia Njiti 2007
Asia Best Mattress Machines And Materials Co., Ltd. rankValue Yuncheng Beatriz 2008
Asia Business Resource rankValue Jinzhong Fan Wang 2006
Asia Fiber Optic rankValue Taiyuan Zhang 2012
Asimco International Casting (Shanxi) Co., Ltd rankValue Yuncheng Cheng Zhao Hui 2016
Aurora International Trading Inc. rankValue Taiyuan Ying Bai 2013
Aurora Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. rankValue Taiyuan Lee Hung Yin 2016
Baoji Huaheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. rankValue Ade 2018
Baoji Titanium of Yingxiang Co., Ltd. rankValue Xinzhou Liu 2009
Baoji Yunpeng Plastics Technology Co., Ltd. rankValue Baoji Summer 2006
Baoji Zenith Technology Co., Ltd. rankValue Taiyuan Denise 2011
Bei-Jing 4D Technologies Co., Ltd. rankValue Xi'an Mike johnson 2005
Beizhu Group rankValue Taiyuan kevin 2019
Beizhu Group rankValue Taiyuan Jin 2018
Beizhu Group rankValue Taiyuan Nancy 2019
Brilliant Mould Co., Ltd rankValue Taiyuan Anna 2018
C&C Power Co., Ltd. rankValue Taiyuan Craig Wang 2006
CMC Kitchenware Co.Limited rankValue Taiyuan Megan Zhang 2016