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Company Name Membership Rank Contact Person Date
Shanxi Hiram International Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Sean 2019
Shanxi Solid Industrial Co., Ltd. rankValue Liu Yun 2019
Shanxi Chenglian Foreign Trade & Economic Relations Co., Ltd. rankValue Tina 2019
Shanxi Electric Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd rankValue Peng Zhang 2019
Shanxi Far East Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd. rankValue Trade Department 2019
Shanxi Baite Fluid Machinery Co., Ltd. rankValue Cathy Liu 2019
SYI Industrial Co., Ltd. rankValue Syi Group 2019
Taiyuan Mapon Humic Acid Development Co., Ltd. rankValue Catherine 2019
Taiyuan Simis Precisiong Casting Factory Co., Ltd rankValue Fan Yaoqiang 2019
Shanxi Fancyware Industrial Co., Ltd. rankValue Chloe 2019
Shanxi Solid Industrial Co., Ltd rankValue Binbin Zhang 2019
Shanxi Midas Industrial Co., Ltd. rankValue Jeremy Zhang 2019
Shanxi Wutaishan Seabuckthorn Products Co., Ltd. rankValue Hannah 2019
Shanxi Wutai Mountain Hippophae Goods Ltd. rankValue Arvin 2019
Shanxi Cast-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. rankValue Demi Chen 2019
Shanxi Institute of Applied Chemistry (Co. Ltd. ) rankValue Shenli Zhang 2019
Shanxi Dongxing Chemical Co., Ltd. rankValue Andie Han 2019
Shanxi Public Li Xin Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Alex 2019
Shanxi Fushide Materials Co., Ltd. rankValue George 2019
SHANXI HUACHANG CHEMICAL CO., LTD. rankValue Emily Chen 2019
Xinyuan Hight-Tech Center rankValue Suesan Zhang 2019
Beizhu Group rankValue Nancy 2019
Shanxi Mingya Trading Co., Ltd. rankValue Jake 2019
Shanxi a&H Sporting Goods Co., Ltd rankValue Guohui 2019
Shanxi Hainuo Technology Co.,Ltd. rankValue Sarah 2019
Shanxi Fuding International Trade Co., Ltd rankValue Karenliang 2019
Shanxi Huayu International Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Li Gaofeng 2019
Sinosteel Stainless Steel Pipe Technology Co. Ltd, rankValue Nicole Chai 2019
Enkle Inks Group rankValue Lina 2019

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