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Company Name Membership Rank Contact Person Date
Xian Foreign Trade and Economic Development Corporation rankValue David Zhang 2018
Xi'an Taima Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. rankValue Messi Yao 2018
Xian Keolie Biotech Co., Ltd. rankValue Tony 2018
Xi'an ChinWon Biotech Inc. rankValue Bonnie. Ype 2018
Egl Equipment Services Co., Ltd rankValue Gavin Chan 2018
Shaanxi Iknow Biotechnology Co., Ltd. rankValue Jerome 2018
Xi'an Hygethy Biotechnology Co., Ltd. rankValue Bill Zhang 2018
Shaanxi Hi-Tech Lighting Co., Ltd. rankValue Kevin Hao 2018
China Richforest Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Sam Shan 2018
Xi'an Huan-Tai Technology & Development Co., Ltd. rankValue Constance Zhang 2018
Shaanxi Qibao Electronic Technology Co, Ltd rankValue Wendy 2018
Xi'an Qingshuo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. rankValue Yoyo 2018
Shaanxi Kimberly Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. rankValue Lily Wang 2018
Shaanxi Shunyi Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. rankValue Derek 2018
Xi'an Tianrui Biotech Co., Ltd. rankValue Ivy Wang 2018
Xi'an TGOOD Intelligent Charging Technology Co., Ltd. rankValue Bright 2018
Shaanxi Sanjin Elevator Fittings Co., Ltd. rankValue Zoe Zhang 2018
Shoo-in (Int'l)Holding Xi'an Equipment Co., Ltd rankValue Akili 2018
Shoo-in (Itl) Holding Xian Equipment Co., Ltd rankValue Alice Zhang 2018
Shoo-in (Int'l) Holding Xi'an Equipment Co., Ltd. rankValue Emily Hu 2018
Shoo-in (Int'l) Holding Xi'an Equipment Co., Ltd. rankValue Rachel Yuan 2018
Shaanxi Qilida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd rankValue Fores 2018
XIAN GOODNESS IMP. AND EXP. CO., LTD. rankValue Fancy Wang 2018
Shaanxi HAVEN Equipment Co., Ltd. rankValue Li Zhidu 2018
Xi'an Xin Hundred Sheng Metal Products Co., Ltd. rankValue Jack Sheng 2018
Xi'an Dowell Bio-Tech Co., Ltd rankValue Jessie Zhang 2018
Xi'an Birun Import and Export Trade  rankValue Qiang Liu 2018
Sharprazor Co, Ltd rankValue Linda 2018
Xi'an Meilun Art & Crafts Co., Ltd rankValue Linda Li 2018
Shaanxi Ibrick Technology Company Limited rankValue Hatty Han 2018

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