Shenzhen Registered New Company Bank Account Opening

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Shenzhen Registered New Company Bank Account Opening

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Why is it so difficult to open an account in a bank? This is a problem that many entrepreneurs encounter when they go to the bank to open an account after registering a company. As a qualified agent, Dennett has sorted out some new company's bank account opening experience for you, so that your new company will not take a detour when opening an account.
What are the difficulties in opening a new company's bank account? What are the key points of the bank's examination on the opening of a new company's account?
1. When opening an account in the Bank of the new company, it must provide the certificate of Red Book lease;
The office address is a required option for the registration of a company. Even the business license will print out the registered address of the company. It is inconceivable that the importance of the company's registered address. And this red book lease certificate can be used to prove whether the company can have a real office.
Why is it so difficult for a new company to open a bank account?
2. The bank should send people to see the scene in person;
In order to prove whether the company's office space can be true, in addition to the red copy of the lease certificate, the bank will have special people to see the scene.
The above two points are to verify the completion site, to see whether your company's registered address is the real office address. If you think only these two items, then you are wrong. The reason why it is difficult to open a new company's bank account is that there are two other points besides the above two points.
3. We need to book 2 months in advance. We can understand the demand for opening an account, but we have to do it 2 months in advance. But if your business is in a hurry, what should we do? So we should open an account as soon as possible.
4. The bank opened an account and asked for deposit; now, after the registered company has subscribed for registered capital, entrepreneurs with small capital have been happy for a long time, but they didn't expect to open an account in a company and need to deposit funds in advance.
New company bank account opening experience
In addition to the above difficulties, there is also the need to bring the following materials when opening a bank account for a new company:
1. First and second copies of business license and permit to open an account;
2. Prepare official seal, financial seal and corporate seal;
3. Tax notice;
4. Lease contract;
5. Legal person id card, legal person present in person, legal person id card original + administrator ID card original (2 originals), shareholder with shareholder ID card original;
I believe that after finishing the dry goods of the new company's bank account, do you understand the reason why it is so difficult to open a bank account? In fact, these can be handled by a qualified agency company, after all, it saves time and time.
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