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Tightsen threadlocking adhesives are widely used for sealing, locking and corrosion resistance of threaded fasteners in various environments, can replace spring whashers, pins and ...
Threadlocking adhesives——TS200 series
Structural adhesives——TS300 series
Instant adhesives——TS400 series
Flange sealants——TS500 series
Anaerobic flange sealants Silicone ...
We have various kinds of packages for such engineering adhesives as anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, and UV adhesives, both for liquid and gel, as well as different sizes of packaging.
TS312 Fast Fixture Low viscosity, high strength, resistance to impact, vibration
And solvent. Rapid curing, Bonding dissimilar materials such as metals, glass or
Ceramics and ...
High Temperature:
Anaerobic, good fluid, rigid adhesive layer after curing
For sealing rigid flange, the max. gap is up to 0.25mm
The max. operating temperature is up to ...
TS603 oil resistance. General purpose, high strength retaining compound adhesives.

TS609 High strength, for retaining cylindrical parts with transition or excessive fit and ...
Ts200 medium strength. Threadlocker. Quite to thredlocker ts242, ts243. High lock strength, sealant reliability, fixup the threadlocker.

Ts204pink, anaerobic. Pre-applied, high ...
TS545 Fast cure, low strength. No pollution to hydraulic pipe system, can be applied on surfaces with light oil. Contains no fillers and will not foul valves or fluid filtering ...
UV-curing adhesive is a single component resin based adhesive suitable for bonding a wide range of materials, such as glass, metal, plastic and so on.

Useful range: Furniture; ...
TS811-Iron repairing adhesive Salvage casting iron hole and crackle, can be used
for fitting surface.

TS812-Steel repairing adhesive, Wear resistant and corrosion protecting.

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