Vtelescopic Antenna Mast and Military Antenna Mast and Vertical Mounted Pneumatic Mast

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Vtelescopic Antenna Mast and Military Antenna Mast and Vertical Mounted Pneumatic Mast

Product Description

Telescopic Antenna Mast, Military Telescoping Mast, Quick Erecting Antenna Mast, Vertical-mount Mast, Telecommunication Mast tower
We are the manufacturer who is specialized in manufacturing the various pneumatic telescopic masts for different applications.
The height is from 1m(3.2feet) - 26m(85feet)
The top payload is from 1kgs (2.2lbs) - 450kgs(992lbs. )
On the top, you can mount the camera, antenna, light, RADAR, mobile equipment etc.

We will supply the top platform adapter or custom interfaces for your equipment
Our mast is made of high strength, lightweight 6063 aluminium alloy
Surface finish is hard anodized coating that is strong corrosion resistance
Our products are widely used in CCTV, Firetruck, Emergency and command vehicle, Military, Navy application, Antenna Communication, Broadcasting, field and etc.
We have many ways to install the mast for different application. The mast can be vertically mounted inside or outside of the vehicle, or on the wall of the shelter, cabin, trailer, roof, field mounted and etc.
We are the supplier for Chinese military, defence department. Our factory is the biggest and best in this field in China. Our quality is the Military quality standards

Our products have one year warranty. If the standards models are not satisfied you, we can custom build the specifications for you. Please inquire us to get more details.

Model sections Nested height Extended height Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Net weight
QG2-60-800-1280 2 800mm
(2.6ft) 1280mm
(4.2ft) 67mm
(2.63inch) 46mm
(1.81inch) 42kg/
92Lb 3kg/
QG3-60-1399-3186 3 1399mm
(4.589ft) 3186mm
(10.45ft) 66mm
(2.59inch) 30mm
(1.18inch) 18kg/
39Lb 6kg/
QG4-75-1200-3634 4 1200mm
(3.93ft) 3634mm
(11.92ft) 82mm
(3.22inch) 30mm
(1.18inch) 18kg/
39Lb 10kg/
QG4-110-1360-4105 4 1360mm
(4.46ft) 4105mm
(13.46ft) 118mm
(4.64inch) 60mm
(2.36inch) 72kg/
158Lb 18kg/
QG4-110-1600-5209 4 1600mm
(5.24ft) 5209mm
(17.09ft) 118mm
(4.64inch) 60mm
(2.36inch) 72kg/
158Lb 21kg/
QG4-110-2360-8009 4 2360mm
(7.74ft) 8009mm
(26.27ft) 118mm
(4.64inch) 60mm
(2.36inch) 72kg/158Lb 30kg/66Lb
QG4-150-2150-7064 4 2150mm
(7.05ft) 7064mm
(23.17ft) 160mm
(6.29inch) 90mm
(3.54inch) 162kg/357Lb 45kg/99Lb

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