Lead-Acid Battery Pulse Rejuvenator (LBPR)

Lead-Acid Battery Pulse Rejuvenator (LBPR)

Product Description

Lead-Acid Battery Pulse Rejuvenator

Batteries fail because the plates normally get covered with "sulfates". This coating gradually reduces a battery's ability to receive and deliver power. Eventually the battery suffocates (gets clogged) and must be replaced.

The Pulse Recover/Rejuvenator/Desulfator use no external power and generate high-frequency pulse from the battery itself. Simply install the unit that automatically dissolves the sulfates and prevents their return. Battery Additive dissolves the sulfates back into the battery acid. This cleans the plates, improves the battery's ability to provide heavy currents for starting, and extends the battery's life.

The High-frequency Peak Pulse delivers an electronically controlled pulse to the battery, re-energizes crystallized sulfates deposited on the plates, and removes large deposits of crystallized lead sulfate. The battery remains with clean plates and has strong electrolyte to receive charging current and deliver discharge current.

Extends Battery Life
Increases Cranking Amperage
Charges Faster
Longer Discharge
Dissolves Sulfates
Prevents Sulfate Build-up
Reduces Evaporation

Size: 75*55*28mm
Model: JR-12, JR-24, JR-36, JR-48
Working amp: 20mA
Pulse Frequency: 10, 000Hz
LED indicate: LED light when pulse working
Cutoff amp: <1mA
Cutoff voltage:
Starting Battery Minimum Deep Cycle Minimum
JR-12 11.5V 10.5V
JR-24 23.0V 21.0V
JR-36 34.5V 31.5V
JR-48 46.0V 42.0V

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