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Character: It′s transparent oil at normal temperature. It′s white soft solid after frozen. It has the characters of light color and luster, high purity and stable component. Its ...
Character: It′s white crystal powder at normal temperature. It′s transparent liquid after melted. It has the character of high fusing point and high purity. It′s mainly used in the ...
Character: It′s primrose granule solid at normal temperature. Its characters are light color and luster, strong adhesion and freeze resistance. It′s mainly used in the production ...
Character: Light color and luster, guaranteed quality and high purity. It′s mainly used in the production of series products of polyamide resin, coating and so on.

Technical ...
* Type:
- Wall Paint King with Silky Surface of Duoyali Brand
- Excellent Gloss Finishing Paint of Duodeli Brand
- Excellent Semigloss Paint with Silky Surface
- Flat Soft ...
- Light color and luster, high content of solid, guaranteed hardness of the finished film coating, good leveling property and lustrous.

- Used in PET, Polyurethane and Amino ...
- Light color and luster, high content of solid, guaranteed hardness of the finished film coating, quick drying, easy rubbing
- Used in PET Base Paint.
- Crystal Varnish of High Grade
- Crystal Varnish of High Content of Solid
- Lustrous Diamond Varnish
- Highgloss PET Varnish
- Highgloss PET Colored Transparent ...
- PET Transparent Base Paint
- PET Colored Base Paint and Transparent Putty

- Good filling, strong adhesion, high hardness, good rubbing funcion and high ...
High content of solid,abrasive-resisting,scrape-proof and crash-proof,suitable for the coatings of bamboo or wooden floors.
- Good resistance to weather and other physical and chemical properties

- It′s widely used in the protection of surface coating of large mechanical equipment, bridges and ...
Resistance to high temperature.It won′t turn yellow when baked.It has excellent properties,suitable for the coating of metallic surface in higher requirement of coating effect.
Light color and luster,resistance to electric shock,having excellent properties, suitable for the insulating protection of electric machine winding and coil.
- Quick drying Amino Baking Paint
- Electric Static Quick drying Amino Baking Paint

- Quick drying(110º C/10min having excellent properties, suitable for ...
- Perchloric Polyethylene Finishing Paint
- Inorganic Zinc-enriched Base Coat
- Epoxidized Zinc-enriched Base Coat
- Micaceous iron Perchloric Polyethylene ...
- Organic Silicon High temperature-resisting Base Coat
- Organic Silicon High temperature-resisting Finishing Paint
- Having long-term high temperature-resisting( ...