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Glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine) is a non-selective systemic herbicide, absorbed through the leaves, injected into the trunk, or applied to the stump of a tree, used to ...
1) Chemical name: 1, 1′-dimethyl-4.4′-bipyridilium ion
2) Commercial name: Paraquat
3) Molecular Formula: C12H14Cl2N2
4) Molecular Weight: 257.16
5) Specification: 42%TC, ...
Product name: Atrazine
Chemical name: 6-chloro-N2-ethyl-N4-isopropyl-1, 3, 5-triazine-2, 4-diamine
Molecular formula: C8H14CIN5
Molecular weight: 215.69
CAS No.: 1912-24-9 ...
1) Common name: Acetochlor
2) Other name: Harness
3) Appearance: Amber to purple transparent liquid
4) Chemical name: ...
Diuron is a non-selective herbicide mainly used to control weeds on hard surfaces. It is absorbed principally through the roots and is broad spectrum killing both broadleaf and ...
1. Products Name: 2.4-D AMINE SALT.
2. Product kind: Herbicide.
3. Agent type: 98 Tech, Amine Salt WSC, 72 EC.
4. Chemical name: (2, 4-dichlorophenoxy) acetic acid.
5. ...
Formulations: 95%TC

Appearance: White to yellow solid.

Prevention Object: Rice leafhopper, Lice, Rice-shell insect, Aphid in fruit trees, etc.
Action: Selective systemic
CAS No.: 1918-00-9
Technical Grade: 98% min.
Formulations: 48% SL
Packaging: 25kg drum (TECH. )1L bottle (SL)
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[molecular formula]: C12H18O4S2
[molecular weight]: 290.25
[CAS Number]: 50512-35-1

[Physicochemical Properties]: The pure isoprothiolane is a white ...

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