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We are manufacturing classic ww2 us army m24 airborne jump suits and HBT suits
Pls feel free to contact us. With shoulder patctes and us flags
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
We can make various kinds of ww2 repro German unfiroms helemts
Blurred edge camo smocks parka plamtree plantree tan water splinter
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
We can make various kinds of repro German m35 m38 m40 and m42 helmets. Steel shell and leather liner
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
The M31 canteen was introduced in 1931. Standard issue capacity was. 8 liter. Initially the cups were manufactured in aluminum, but as the war progressed, changed to bakelite and ...
Waffen SS 2nd Model Pullover Smock - The Waffen SS were the first troops that included camouflage clothing as part of their regular uniform kit. This classic WWII smock features ...
P42 Camo USMC Uniform
This two piece camouflage uniform was issued prior to the Tarawa landings and is one of the most sought after Marine Corps uniforms. This is the "first ...
We are professional manufacturer of bullet proof vest for many customers in Middle East and Europe. Pls feel free to contatc us.
We are professional manufacturer of various kinds of moist towelette, and luch napkin, cocktail napkin...

Cocktail napkin 100% pulp
23X23CM /PC, 100PCS/BAG, 50 BAGS/CTN ...
The camouflaged Denison smock is the distinctive garment of the British Airborne Forces. It was introduced in 1942 and replaced an earlier garment which was copied from the German ...
We can make 1;1 scale model of panzerfaust, panzershrek and m24 grenade
Pls feel free to contact us.
We can make many kinds of hunting gear like suit, jacket, vest, gunbelt and case, pouch

Pls fee lfree to contact us
MultiCam is a single camouflage pattern designed to help the wearer hide in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions.

It was designed to address the ...
We can make various kinds of camo webbings such as German flecktarn, British dpm camo, Canadian cadpat, pls feel free to contact us.
LDPE Christmas Tree Bag,
Color: White
Size: 1.83m X 2.29m X 0.02mm
Packing: 1pc/priting pe bag, 50 pcs/Carton.
N. W: 7.25kgs/Carton
G. W: 7.65kgs/Carton
Carton Size: 36 X ...
We are professional manufacturer of repro classic ww2 german and us uniforms andaccessories.

We have 1st iron cross medal
Pls contact us.
Swedish army m90 sesert camo suits
Rip stop

We are one leading houseware manufacturer and supplier of household products, we have 2 factories one is for plastoic household ...
We can make various kinds of flags, insignia and patches.

please feel free to contact us.
Including crye multi camouflage uniforms in ACU cut and any other cut at customers request.
Repro ww2 german ss waffeen panzer assault tank crew wrapper
We are one leading houseware company in Demark founded 90 years ago and enjoy good reputation. We have provided European markets with good quality goods made in China.
We can make classic german dak africa corps waffen and luftwaffe tropical suit
Including jacket, pants, shirt, shorts
100% perfect copy of original details...
We can make various kinds of plastic disposable products such as cutlery, pizza saver.
We have been supplier for norwegian and swedish army for years, We can make the swedish m90 camo and norwegian camo produceFabric/featuresTC 50%Cotton 50%Polyester, Water and oil ...
Canadian army cadpat camo winter parka
IECS(Improved Environmental Clothing System
With removable liner
Windproof liner.