Pentaerythritol 98%

Pentaerythritol 98%

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Uses: Pentaerythritol is used in the manufacture of Alkyd resins, fatty acid rosin and tall oil esters and to make paint and coatings, printing ink, coating adhesives, explosives, sealants, varnish, lacquer, vinyl chloride, synthetic rubber and miscellaneous including pentaerythritol tetranitrate, urethane coatings, flame retardant paints, polyvinyl chloride stabilizers, olefins antioxidant and pentaerythritol triacrylate.
Packing: In 25kg bag.

Appearance: White crystalline odorless solid.
Monopentaerythritol (wt%): 98min.
Hydroxyl Groups (wt%): 48.5min.
Moisture (wt%): 0.2max.
Ash (wt%): 0.05max.
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