Black Garlic

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Black Garlic

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Black Garlic

Black garlic is created by placing carefully selected fresh garlic into a special fermentation box for 60 to 90 days, producing a naturally fermented food that has been in use for thousands of years in Asia.

Black garlic has a very high nutritious value, while the moisture content and natural fat in black garlic is lower than the raw garlic. The protein in the black garlic is more effective and helps eliminate fatigue, constipation, improves physical strength, protects the liver, increases prostate activity and promotes sleep and so on.

The protein contained in garlic has been broken down into amino acids; Carbohydrates are broken down into fructose and retain the very valuable intact garlic Allicin which among many benefits has a mild anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ability while the additional compound Allylcysteine is a known factor in cancer prevention.

The sugars, vitamins, trace elements, ect, are two times that of raw garlic. This is beneficial with blood circulation and functions as an anti-oxidant. The anti-aging, anti-oxidant capacity is 35 times stronger than the fresh garlic

The black garlic is helpful with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer prevention, control of blood sugar, assists the immune system, digestion and the functions of internal organs.

Black garlic feels like a soft, slightly moist jelly bean similar to some preserved fruits with a gentle mainly sweet and sour taste. It does not smell of garlic, but has a rich appetite inducing velvet scent.

Black garlic is delightfully addictive and can be eaten as a snack, a nutritional supplement, added to various recipes or as a desert. It leaves no bad breath.

The product is available as a whole garlic or peeled cloves and black garlic oil is also available.

Store the whole black garlic in the shade, avoid direct light and humidity. Storing in a refrigerator enhances the taste, but peeled black garlic cannot be refrigerated as it dries out quickly and hardens, losing its medicinal properties.

Black garlic is not intended as a cure for any ailments or conditions. Always consult a physician before self medication or the consumption of health food and nutritional supplements.
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