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Materials for napkin and diaper

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* Golden Isles EF-100 Fully Treated Fluff Pulp Technical Data

Pulping Process: Kraft
Bleaching Process: ECF
Wood Species: Southern Pine

Typical Properties
Average Fiber ...
This material is used for diaper and napkin, pls feel free to contact us for more information.
Appearance: Transparent
Soft Point: 86C
Melting Viscosity: 1000~1400cps/180C
Cutting Strength: 2.3kg/cm2
Tensile Strength: 15kg/cm2
Initial Adhesion: 20#
Maintain ...
* Basis Weight:
16+-g/m2 18+-g/m2 20+-g/m2

* Tensile Strength
MD >2.5kg >3.0kg >3.2kg
CD >0.45kg >0.5kg >0.6kg

* Elongation
MD >35% ...
Grade: AP250
Appearance: White Powder
Absorbency(0.9% Nacl)(g/g): 56-60 Saline
PH: 7
Average Size(um): 300-400
Bulk Density (g/cm3): 0.8-1.0
Moisture (%): <10 ...
1. Normal-type sanitary napkin machine:
Technical Data:
Speed: 250~300pcs/min
Product Length: 210~320mm
Power supply: 380V 50Hz

2. Wing-protect Type sanitary napkin ...
Sanitary napkin Pad machine
Speed: 300pcs/min

Baby diaper machine
Speed: 80~150pcs/min
Xiamen Rong′an is a professional company of sanitary napkin and baby diaper materials supply and machinery trading. We have successfully established a sale network over the past ...
Base Weight 43 + - 1.5g/m2
Whiteness >=80%
MD Breaking Length >=4500mm
A-side Smoothness >=400s
B-side smoothness >=250s
Width: 40~400(+-2)mm
Thickness(Basis weight): 20~50(+-1.5)G/M2
Tensile Strength: MD>=10MPa, CD>=6MPa
Break Elongation: MD>=150%, CD>=200%
90 Tear Strength: MD>=35KN/m, ...

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