Solar Water Heater System

Solar Water Heater System

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Shanghai air source heat pump water heater! ENJOY THE FAST HEATING WORLD!
Direct water heating design! No Matter the Inlet Water Temp, Always Keep the Outlet Water Temp. At 60 Degree (or Your Desirable Temp. )

1. On the water circuit side, Variable water flow. The inlet water can connect the tap water or normal water supply pipe (water temp. ≥ 0degree) go through a Danfoss valve that can detect the inlet water temp. To adjust water flow automatically to keep outlet water temp. Always at 60degrees.

2. Variable air flow. To make the unit work efficiently and stable, the fan has 140 speeds, which is also automatically detect and work according to the system need.

3. Variable refrigerant volume. On refrigerant circuit, the factory uses a electromagnetic expansion valve to control the refrigerant volume.

4. Special and efficient defrosting function. When the unit is defrosted, the pump will suck the hot water from tank to help defrosting which just need 3-5min to defrost completely! It is much more faster than the normal defrosting function only with air.

5. There is a temp. Sensor will be offered to put in the water tank, if the water in the tank is below your set point after long time, the pump will suck it back to the unit and reheat it!

6. Due to the Variable water flow, air volume and refrigerant volume, what can make the system balance, and unit work much more stable than cycling heating unit. And Higher COP!

7. Brilliant Wire Controller. Optional 16units control with working information of each unit display, an excellent choice for hotel or school such public application.

8. Working Rang: Air temp. From -10degree(COP: 2) to 43degree

9. Water temp. Max. 70degree, suggested 60degree normal working.
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