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Gongyi fifth Refractories Head Factory is located at Bei Shankou Town, Gongyi city in the central belt of China central plains, facing Mount Songshan in the south and Yellow River ...
1. AZS
2. Low ap fireclay brick for glass making
Since the increasing of the size of blast furnace and intensified steel making processes such as high pressure roof, high blast temperature and integrated blowing process have been ...
As one of the most important accessory equipments of blast furnace, HBS is a sort of regenerative heat exchanger to heat the air form room temperature to higher tempature for BF. ...
Loading and transferring the hot metal, the FTC is a kind of device functioning as transfer ladle and mixer.

It is characterized by slow decrease of temperature, usually with ...
Hot-metal mixer is a kind of very important container for holding and mixing hot metal.

Its lining suffers impact and chemical corrosion from hot metal and slag.

According ...
1. High Aluminum bricks for EAF roof
2. Precast blocks for EAF roof
3. Slag-dam for Tundish
4. Refractories for Con-cast ladle, Refining ladle, Vacuum ladle and Tundish
5. ...
1. Spalling resistant aluminum bricks, spinel bricks
2. Abrasive bricks
3. Series Alkali resistant bricks
4. Phosphate bonded high aluminum bricks
5. Common refractory ...
Monolithic refractories;
1. Refractory Mortar series
A. Special-type refractory mortar products
B. Phosphate bonded refractory mortar
C. Fireclay refractory mortar
D. High ...
After complete melt, cast in the mould with materials, produced by cooling and curdle.

Especially notice is in the condensation course, due to volume constriction become ...

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