Maneurop MT Sermetic Piston Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Maneurop MT Sermetic Piston Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Product Description

1. Compressor condensing unit for medium and high environment(+12~- 10degree.
2. Equipped with MANEUROP MT series hermrtic poston compressors;
3. Air cooled condensre was punched by high velocity RAM machine, folded by mechanical tube expansion, to obtain high heat exchanging capacity.
4. Equippde with well-known brand of refrigeration components include filter, solenoid valve, double pressure controller, high&low pressure meter, wiring box.
5. We offer additional components to meet your special requests
 technical model  MT22  MT28  MT32  MT36  MT40  MT50 MT64   MT80 MT100   MT125 MT160 
 TITULAR REF.  (W) 2713  3947  4219 5062 5515 6217  8172  10340   12167 16199  20344 
 compressor rated input power(KW) 1.89  2.55  2.98  3.37  3.85   4.32  5.66 7.13   7.98 10.66   13.39
 Refrigerant  R22  R22  R22  R22 R22   R22 R22  R22  R22  R22  R22 
 Range of evaporating temperature                      
 fitted environmetn temperature  +12~-10ºC

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