Automatic Grommet Machine

Automatic Grommet Machine

Product Description

Auto grommet machine which we developed is specially fully automatic to perform collecting grommet, feeding grommet, piercing material and pressing grommet and washer together. It is convenient to operate on the ground or stand, lower noise and economical cost greatly Reduced the labor intense and noise the machine can be used for making ADS-light box, tent, tarpaulin. And doll product. It is a new ideal equipment. It is Auto-collect, Auto-feeding eyelet and adjustable Grommet distance.

Auto-Grommet Machine applies high air pressure generated by air compressor. And it has a revolutionary design - movable on the ground which overcomes the defects of fixed grommet machine on desktop. This machine is widely applied for making light-box, coated vinyl, tent, toys, etc.

1. Portability: The portable machine operated on the ground when the heavy media is placed on ground
2. Fully automation: The machine handles all the processes, delivering both top and bottom grommets, punching the grommets, setting distance between each grommet
3. High quality: The grommet can be finished tidily and tightly without winkles.
4. High speed: At least 10 grommets can be punched in one minute. 500 pieces of grommets could be punched continuously.
5. Easy operation: The whole process is simple just pressing the buttons and refilling grommets

1. Model: CLA-DK1 & CLA-DK2
2. Power supply: Single phase 220V / 50Hz +-10%
3. Power: less than 150W
4. Air pressure: 6~8kg/cm
5. Grommet distance: Selection or Optional
6. Distance between grommets: adjustable
7. Grommet Speed: 1000 Piece/hour
8. Grommet model: 4#(6#)
9. Size: 500mm*500mm*500mm
10. Weight: 30kg

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