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Design being the unique, water tank the transparent, can see by course not working.
Item NO. HR2018
Product name: Multi-function oxygen generator
Machine size: 18*13*13.5CM
Weight: 360KG
Item No. Hr2108
Product: Air Purifier
Machine Size: 420x300x122cm
N. W: 3. 34kg
product name: mp3 player
model number: HR-158
1) Startuo/play/pause/shutoff
2) Previous file/volume up
3) Ninefold sound filtering technology enables you ...
Model number: HR-168
1)64M 128M 256M flash memory multiple circulate modes and the preview function
2)ADCM long time and high-quality recording about 12 hours replay time with ...
Model number: HR-288
1)Show song name
3)High quality recording
4)USB PORT,Hot plug
5)Driver free(except win98)
6)LCD EL(LCD back Electroluminescent Lamp) ...
Item No: HR 1224
Product Name: colo can radio
Description: FM auto scan radio with speaker
Item No: HR1223
Product Name: ball mini radio
Description: FM auto scan radio with speaker
Product Name: frog radio
Item No: HR1219
Description: FM auto scan radio with speaker
Item no.: hr102
Product: solar powered radio
Decription: sunlight can charger the solar cell automatically.
It is unnecessary to change the battery(am/fm)
Packing: ...
Product name: FM Auto Scan Radio
Model NO.: HR1206
Auto searching system
Rotary volume level confrol
DC operation
AA size battery x4(not included) ...
Model No.: HR328
Product Name: AD Radio
Advertisement flash: aperpetual
Calendar. Fm auto scan radio
Packing: 36PCS/CTN
Item NO. HR101
Product: hand crank/solar radio
Decription: solar/dynamo radio with torch/siren
Packing: 12pcs/ctn ctn
Size: 61x36x31cm
G.W.: 15kg
N.W.: 14kg
1x20"q′ty ...
Item No: HR1209
Product Name: FOOT FM RADIO
Description: FM auto scan radio with speaker
Item No. HR2009
Product Name: Mini R/C Tank
Description: Pedrail
Parking: 48PCS/CTN
Meas.: 36.5x36.5x56.5cm
G.W.: 11.5KG
N.W.: 10KG
Item No. Hr2004.
Product Name: R/C Helicopter.
Description: Long Remote Distance (can Fly Over 12m).
Easy To Control.
Parking: 4pcs/ctn.
Meas. : 20.5′ X 20′ X 14′.
G. ...
Product Name: R/C hovercraft
Description: three functions R/C hovercraft with charger &battery( just for
the ground)
Parking: 6PCS/CTN
Meas. : 87X38X44CM
1X20"Q′TY: ...
Item No. HR2023
Product Name: ACROBAT CAR
Description: Full function R/C mini Car
Parking: 72pcs/ctn
Meas.: 68*41*43cm
G.W.: 17.5kg
N.W.: 16.2kg
1*20"Qty: ...
Product Name: R/C CAR
Description: Mini carton R/C car with charger
Parking: 48PCS/CTN
Meas. : 51*29*56CM
G. W. : 13. 5KG
N. W. : 12KG
1x20" Q′ty: 18, 240pcs
Item No. HR2015
Product Name: R/C CAR
Description: Mini carton R/C car with charger
Parking: 48PCS/CTN
Meas.: 57.5x20.5x62CM
G.W.: 12.5KG
N.W.: 11KG
1x20" Q′ty: ...
Item No. HR2014
Product Name: R/C CAR
Description: Gun shapeR/C mini racing car
Parking: 24pcs
Meas.: 64x28.5x66CM
G.W.: 13KG
N.W.: 11KG
1x20" Q′ty: 5760pcs
Item No. HR2011
Product Name: R/C CAR
Description: Full functions mini R/C car
Parking: 48PCS/CTN
Meas.: 55.5x36.5x30CM
G.W.: 10.8KG
N.W.: 9KG
1x20" Q′ty: 22,080pcs
Item No. HR2007
Product Name: R/C CAR
Description: With Charger
Meas.: 86*35*75CM
G.W.: 26.5KG
N.W.: 24KG
Item No. Hr2008b.
Product Name: R/C Car.
Description: R/C Revolver Car (spin Master).
Parking: 24pcs.
Meas. : 74 X 32 X 73.5cm3.
G. W. : 14kg.
N. W. : 12kg.