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TCT Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Steel

Special design on hook angle and teeth grinding form like T. C. G., A.T.B etc. For cutting steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, angle ...
High Speed Steel Molybdenum
Material Nro.1.3343

Circular saws in high speed steel(5% molybdenum content) ...
Saw blades for wood cutting

With body and teeth fully hardened, and grind teeth for
DIY application on rip cutting.

We can supply different sizes.
Diameter from ...
Chromium Nitride coating-CrN circular saw blade

CrN is a specialized PVD coating that resists adhesive wear, corrosion and oxidation. Strongly recommended for cutting copper and ...
Titanium Nitride coating-TIN

This is an excellent PVD coating for protecting sawblades from wear, also it is a good choice for iron based materials and cutting conditions which ...
Non-ferrous and aluminium cutting

1. With hard body and T. C. G. grind tooth, the body with fishhook form slot special cutting for non-ferrous and aluminium with inwall,and the ...
Titanium carbonide coating-TiCN

TICN is high performance PVD coating suitable for severe abrasive wear cutting conditions. Recommended for high tensile strength materials above ...
Titanium Aluminium Nitride coating-TiAIN

TiAIN is a new multi-layer wear protection PVD coating. Recommended for high tensile strength materials above 800N/mm2 and stainless ...
Special Oxidating-VAPO

It produces a layer of iron oxide (Fe3O4) on the surface, which increases the wear-resisting and increases the durability. Suitable for general cutting ...
Scoring saw blades

Scoring blades are used with a main saw blade.

For cutting laminated chipboard.
TCT circular saw blade-for Wood(ZY232 Universal)

With hard baby and A.T.B.grind tooth for light duty and DIY applications on
fast cutting soft and hard wood,plywood,particlc ...
P233 universal TCT circular saw blade for non-ferrous metals

Circular Saw Blades for non-ferrous metals with hard body and F. T. (Flat Top) grind tooth for general purpose ...
1. Professional length cutting

With hard body and A. T. B. Grind tooth, used for length cutting soft wood of which the thickness is less than 50mm.

We can supply different ...
SY231 TCT Circular Saw Blade for Wood

With soft body A. T. B. Grind tooth for light duty and DIY applications on fast cutting soft and hard wood, plywood, particle boards and ...
We have segmented, continuous rim, turbo and turbo wave type for cutting marble, granite, concrete, and brick.

We can supply different sizes
Diameter from 105mm( 4-1/8") to ...
Silver brazed type

For cutting marble, granite, asphalt, amored concrete, and hard stone.

We can supply different sizes.
Diameter from 305mm (12") to 914mm(36")
We have segmented,continuous Rim and turbo type,for cutting marble,granite,concrete tile.

We can supply different sizes.
Diameter from 100mm (4") to 350mm (12")
Diamond saw blade-laser welded type

For cutting marble, granite and asphalt.

We can supply different sizes.
Diameter from 305mm (12") to 508 (20")
TCT grass cutting circular saw blade

We can supply different sizes.
Diameter from 230mm ( 9") to 250mm (10"),
Teeth number from 36 to 50.
Normal type without TCT.

We can supply different sizes.
Diamenter from 200mm (8") to 305mm ( 12"),
Teeth number from 2 to 80.
Saw Blade Clock

1. It can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel or other materials. Different specifications and styles are ready for your choice.
2. This craft can be ...
Min. Order: 2,000 Pieces
DADO set

For making grooves in different kinds of wood.

We can design it according to your requirements.
Our saw chain ranges from 3/8", 0.404", 0.325" specification series. We offer a wide range of saw chain to meet any end users′ needs.

We also supply saw chain and saw chain ...
Jiahao Hollow wall anchors securely fasten mirrors, pictures, cabinets, curtain-drapes-shelf brackets, bathroom fixtures, to hollow walls of plaster over wood lath or metal lath, ...

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