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Yellow needle crystal, m.p. over 187, without tar oil and ferriferr ous compound. Easily soluble in alcohol, not in water and inorganic acid. Used as an important dyestuff ...
High purity product: Small white crystal.

Industrial grade product: Dark-brown crystal, slightly dissloving in cold water, a little more in hot water, and freely in alcohol, ...
White needle crystal, no bad smell and taste bitter, Subliming and resolving at 98-100, Easily dissolving in hot water, alcohol, benzene and other organic solvent, Gradually ...
Orange-red crystal.Slightly dissolving in water and easily in alcohol and benzene.An important organic synthesic intermediate product. Being the key raw material for ...
Purity: 98.5%min
CA: 1532-97-4
O-Methyl hydroxyamine hcl
Purity; 99.0%min
CA: 593-56-6
N.O-dimethyl hydroxyamine hcl
Purity; 99.0%min
CA: 6638-79-5
98 or 99%min
Purity: 98% or 99%min
Moisture: 0.5max

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